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The last significant update to this web site was made on .Thursday, 17 April, 2014

Welcome to℠

The only site on the Internet, to give free help, to those who wish to live a free, self-reliant, rural life!

Do you want to start a self-reliant life for yourself, and those you love?

Have you already started a self-reliant life, and would like to get free advice, and information from those who are, and have successfully lived a self-reliant life?

If you answered yes, to either, or both of the questions above, then this is the place for you!  

Here you will find free, life-saving information, to live a rural, self-reliant life!

Why℠ Exists:

The reason for this web site's existence, is to help empower you to be able to take care of yourself, and those you love, and not have to suffer, when there is no outside help available.

This site is dedicated to helping others to think for themselves, to think 'outside the box'. We hope to help others, so no matter what is happening in the world around them, they will be able to make decisions, which will save their lives, and the lives of those they love.

Our authors are experienced, knowledgeable people, who can help you live a more secure life, by sharing with you, their tried and true wisdom, from actual life experiences. This can save you, and those you love, money and time, as you go about living that more secure life!

There is a wealth of information here!

We offer a complete library of information, on a USB drive, and many free articles! Check out the Index of Articles, to the left, to open the door, to a better world of self-reliant living!

Our Mission Statement:

It is the common intent of the owners, the associates of℠ and notably of the uncompensated content contributors to℠ to use this web site for the following primary purposes:

To disseminate information to those persons, farms, ranches, orchards and other rurally located and/or agricultural enterprises and entities for whom reasonable and responsible mitigation ideas, plans and principles are not realistically available; and,
Weather of Ambition

As the tomato and bean wither with the first frost, every one of the grape and gooseberry, and oaks with them, stand in witness with their great crowns of leaves already shed in humility, and sap drawn within their roots, having understood the meaning of that hour in which day and night are equal. But how is it that the crop of men, so wise in their own eyes, are so easily persuaded to ignore the seasons of their times, consistently withering in each era's first frost?

So it was for Jerusalem, despite the devoted suitors of her preferred destiny, and for Rome, despite her pride and limitless usurpations of men, that they would not survive the weather of mens' ambitions. What shall we then say for America who, despite her great pride and meritable achievements, leaves unanswered her debt for the smallpox blanket and her role as concubine for the merchants of Venice?

That a fruit is succulent is therefore not a measure of its steadfastness, nor is the friend of the daylight for certain a suitable companion of the night. Some men know the seasons and others do not.

Such things, then, I will tell those who scoff my granaries and woodstock, and far more shall the coming winds tell those multitudes of indecision lured by the paltry handouts of the company store.

So we see that centralized government and its hail of pretexts are also the weather of ambition, and self-reliance safe harbor for humility and the harvest it shall receive.

Peace, and the Fruits of Love to All,
Incali Takita Wakkan
8 March, 2014

to promote self-sufficiency in the rural populations of North America by providing informative and realistic educational and "how to" information completely free of charge; and,

to provide a standardized and categorized subject area whereupon experts and professionals in the related fields of emergency management, disaster preparedness and survival skills may post their views, methods and ideas.

Please share your knowledge:

Educators, Farmers, Ranchers, Emergency Services Professionals, Emergency Management Professionals, Medical Professionals, and all other knowledgeable persons that have an interest in disaster mitigation and preparedness are most welcome to contribute content to this site. Click here to request further information

Latest Seven Updates:

NEW! Professional Quality Solar Chargers for Smart Phones, Tablets and  Laptops

We are now proudly a distributor for Voltaic Systems products.  Voltaic Systems makes products that produce and store their own power to run your electronics anywhere. Voltaic Systems is based in New York City and ship directly to customers for it's partners worldwide from warehouses in New Jersey and the Netherlands.  Rugged, dependable and water-proof, these units will fit the bill regardless of the environment! customers enjoy discounts over retail prices.

Sue Moore:  Migration to Haven Part 2

04/13/2014 01:12 AM | Continue Reading

At last we reach the exciting part. We were through with the buyer’s home inspections, lived through all the nail biting, had started to pack up our belongings in boxes and knew that the sale of our home was going to happen as scheduled. Everything was on track and the closing date was drawing closer. We felt a huge weight lift from our shoulders. My sweetheart was about to turn in his resignation letter at work – what a feeling!
NOW we could allow ourselves to begin to focus our attention toward WHERE we would move and WHAT we were looking to buy. During our research on what we wanted out of the new chapter of our lives – we realized that we did not want to live one place, and develop a retreat in another. We wanted most of our eggs in one basket so to speak. The one thing we both agreed on immediately was that we were going to live full time at what we call a “bug out location”. We felt this was the most viable option for us as we also want it to be our last home. Meaning that we plan to hunker down in the new home and ride out everything but maybe a forest fire or Russian invasion. Do not get me started talking about the rumors on that one.

An American Manifesto Rewrit

Matthew P. Dec of for℠
04/07/2014 5:19 PM | Continue Reading

In US. vs. Castleman, decided March 28, 2014, the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Bill of Rights are no longer “Declaratory and Restrictive Clauses.” They are judicially now perceived as “privileges.” A “privilege” can be revoked for the slightest of legislative causes; but a “Right” that is “Forever Inviolate” We the People no longer have…

This newly announced precedent is beyond “dangerous,” the Supreme Court has just committed treason against the Constitution.

First of all We have to ask: "What is a Declaratory and Restrictive Clause?" Does the Second Amendment state: " The Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be Infringed?" Or, does it say : “The Privilege of the People to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be Infringed unless a Constitutionally corrupt Gov’t. creates reasons to remove the Privilege?"

Steve Whitman: Survival Shape, To be or not to be...

04/07/2014 10:12 AM | Continue Reading

Harry is a middle aged man of 52 years, still smokes, drinks quite a bit, is about 40-50 lbs. overweight, 5”-10” tall, and has a waist of about 42 inches. In his youth, he was generally in pretty good shape and participated in high school sports. Today, he has a desk job with all the stress that goes with it. One morning, he awakens to get ready for work and plods to the bathroom to take a shower. As he passes the full length mirror, he notices for the first time what his lifestyle has brought upon him. As he stops, and looks into the mirror, he says to himself...

New Feature Added - Forum-Message Boards

04/04/2014 09:49 AM | View

The website has a new feature which was requested by a caller to The John Moore Show yesterday, specifically we have now installed a full-featured and professionally designed forum-message board. Please visit to see and participate. As with all of features, it is free and is hosted on a secure server that is scanned daily for mal-ware. We still need to make a few small tweeks to the platform, but as far as we can tell, everything is working as designed. Users can post text comments as well as pictures, videos and other files for other members to view. If any problems are encountered, please contact us. Likewise, we are looking for suggestions for new categories so please contact us with your ideas - after all, the site does exist for the benefit of our subscribers.

Steve Whitman is our latest contributing author!

03/28/2014 05:11 PM | Continue Reading

I was brought up on a farm and the outdoors has always been an important part of my life. In my youth, I acquired the rank of Eagle in Boy Scouting which only reinforced my desire, in coming years, to learn more about the outdoors and the art of survival. Being an avid gun enthusiast for many years, I am constantly trying to find that ultimate reload combination and often experiment at the range. Hunting, fishing, weightlifting, construction, and just keeping busy have been a great passion in my life and I am very fortunate, during my "retirement" years, to be involved with all of them during my daily routine at Long Lake Camps. We have 26 buildings on site, so there is never a shortage of work! Of course, I had to make a living as well, and was fortunate enough to be successful in the engineering and land surveying business. My firm conducted hydraulic studies of rivers and lakes, water quality assessments, drafted storm water, sewer, and road designs, performed flood studies, property surveys, and hazardous waste remediation. These were just a few of the projects, along with land development, that I was involved in.

Steve Whitman: The National Debt; How Big is it Really?

03/26/2014 11:00 AM | Continue Reading

Anyone who pays attention to current events has been made aware that our country faces a huge financial debt that will eventually "bring the house down" when it reaches critical mass. Unfortunately, that is not very far in the future. Growing up in the 60's and early 70's, we were all concerned with the debt when it was in the millions of dollars. After all, a million dollars is a lot of money, and interest rates, inflation, etc. were all affected by the debt. So balancing the budget was always a priority even back in those "ancient times". As the years progressed through the 70's, President Nixon took us off the gold standard and the race was on. The debt was then talked about in billions of dollars and when it reached over 750 billion it was a "catastrophe waiting to happen" and according to all of the politicians, "something had to be done." Fortunately, the economy boomed, (“the tech bubble“) and money poured into the US Treasury and the budget was "balanced" and a "budget surplus" was realized at least for a little while under President Clinton.

New Section added to Website!

03/22/2014 07:00 PM  |  View

LOOK FOR THE GREEN LINK ON THE LEFT SIDE OF EVERY PAGE... The new Questions and Answers Boards, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of this rural community. Remember, this IS a secure server, your e-mail address will not be divulged and it is very doubtful that you can be personally Identifiable by postings on this site, unless you want to be. Please keep your comments, questions and answers relatively free of offensive language and remember that children may be able to read what you post on here.

Important Notices to Parents and/or Guardians of Children Under 17

  • This website contains written materials that children, particularly children raised in an urban, suburban or otherwise sheltered  environment, may find disturbing, troubling, perplexing,
    frustrating and/or generally confusing.
  • This website contains accepted truths, factual, substantiated and/or hypothesized heretical history, as well as yet to be proven or accepted theories that directly and bluntly contradict the accepted curriculum of most, if not all North American schools.
  • This website is in no manner or fashion politically correct.
  • Though℠, as an entity, endorses no certain religion, this website may contain references to various and diverse religions, religious practices and beliefs.
  • Alternative news and hyper-links thereunto are contained upon this website.
  • This website contains some graphics which show dead animals.
  • By site policy, children under the age of eighteen years are prohibited from making purchases upon or via℠.

Children are not the intended audience of this website. 

However, understanding the propensity of children to seek out materials that are not appropriate, has, since it's inception, placed the following editorial and content prohibitions in effect:
  • This website shall host no pornographic or any other sexually explicit materials;
  • nor, shall it promote the use of illegal substances; 
  • nor shall it condone violence except in actual self-defense;
  • nor shall it condone any form of racism or racial superiority, but shall most strongly condemn same;
  • nor shall it promote or endorse any immoral activity or action; 
  • nor shall it either endorse nor condone, nor shall it condemn any religious belief system;
  • except that℠ does and shall continue to condemn in the strongest terms those  belief systems that advocate or encourage the forced conversion of, the domination of, the subjugation of, the injury to and/or the murder of "indigenous savages", "heretics", "those that are not 'saved'", "non-believers" or "infidels".℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion) Christmas Gifts for Anyone