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RuralSurvival.info℠ is a loose but rapidly growing consortium of Activists, Preppers, Educators, as well as Emergency Management Personnel, Scientists, Health Care Professionals, Firearms Professionals, Survival and Security Specialists; all of whom are dedicated to creating and perpetuating self-reliance over dependency.  Our contributors continue to demonstrate a degree of empathy for their fellow man which is quite very rare in today’s society; we applaud their dedication and continuing efforts.

Our Mission Statement:

It is the common intent of the owners, the associates of RuralSurvival.info℠ and notably of the uncompensated content contributors to RuralSurvival.info℠ to use this web site for the following primary purposes:

To disseminate information to those persons, farms, ranches, orchards and other rurally located and/or agricultural enterprises and entities for whom reasonable and responsible mitigation ideas, plans and principles are not realistically available; and,
to promote self-sufficiency in the rural populations of North America by providing informative and realistic educational and “how-to” information completely free of charge; and,
to provide a standardized and categorized subject area whereupon experts and professionals in the related fields of emergency management, disaster preparedness, and survival skills may post their views, methods, and ideas.


Why RuralSurvival.info℠ Exists:

In today’s fast-tracked world of urban life and the suburban lifestyle and sprawl, the people that feed this country are often forgotten. There exists little data for rural persons to utilize to plan for significant or cataclysmic disasters. Apparently, in areas where 911 is more of a joke than a reality, in areas where a call for an ambulance means a wait of hours instead of minutes, in areas where fire protection means having enough water hose to reach to reach the fire, the local populace has been all but forgotten.  It should be noted that even in a major metropolitan area such as New Orleans, LA, Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the government’s inability to cope with such a disaster.

Therefore, the reason for this web site’s existence; i.e., empowering people to do for themselves, to think for themselves and therefore causing the enabling of people to make prudent and logical decisions and to take actions that may serve to prevent loss of life, loss of livelihood and/or loss of loved ones. We hope to make a difference, even if it is just a small one.
Educators, Farmers, Ranchers, Emergency Services Professionals, Emergency Management Professionals, Medical Professionals, and all other knowledgeable persons that have an interest in disaster mitigation and preparedness are most welcome to contribute content to this site. Click here to request further information.


Important Notices to Parents and/or Guardians of Children Under 17

  • This website contains written materials that children, particularly children raised in an urban, suburban or otherwise sheltered environment, may find disturbing, troubling, perplexing, frustrating and/or generally confusing.
  • This website contains accepted truths, factual, substantiated and/or hypothesized heretical history, as well as yet to be proven or accepted theories that directly and bluntly contradict the accepted curriculum of most, if not all North American schools.
  • This website is in no manner or fashion politically correct.
  • Though RuralSurvival.info℠, as an entity, endorses no certain religion, this website may contain references to various and diverse religions, religious practices and beliefs.
  • Alternative news and hyper-links thereunto are contained upon this website.
  • This website contains some graphics which show dead animals.
  • By site policy, children under the age of eighteen years are prohibited from making purchases upon or via RuralSurvival.info℠.

Children are not the intended audience of this website.

However, understanding the propensity of children to seek out materials that are not appropriate, RuralSurvival.info has, since it’s inception, placed the following editorial and content prohibitions in effect:

  • This website shall host no pornographic or any other sexually explicit materials;
  • nor, shall it promote the use of illegal substances;
  • nor shall it condone violence except in actual self-defense;
  • nor shall it condone any form of racism or racial superiority, but shall most strongly condemn same;
  • nor shall it promote or endorse any immoral activity or action;
  • nor shall it either endorse nor condone nor shall it condemn any religious belief system;
  • except that RuralSurvival.info℠ does and shall continue to condemn in the strongest terms those belief systems that advocate or encourage the forced conversion of, the domination of, the subjugation of, the injury to and/or the murder of “indigenous savages”, “heretics”, “those that are not ‘saved'”, “non-believers” or “infidels”.