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Back in the middle 1970's, as I was attending The University of Missouri at St. Louis, I started to study Theology with a correspondence course from The Worldwide Church of God, out of Pasadena, CA pastored by Herbert Armstrong.  I was trying to get a online degree when online degrees were unheard of.  I planned on writing my Thesis paper on the Book of Revelation.  I never was a High Honors student as I didn't like to read.  That all changed when I started reading the Bible cover to cover. I was never good at Math nor Science, but pretty good in sports. But one thing that helped me get through school(s), when I read something that I liked, I remembered it. Also, in 2006, I completed "Introduction to the Incident Command System", (ICS 100) and  "National Incident Management System (NIMS) an Introduction" (IS-00700) courses of instruction through the  Emergency Management Institute, Department of Homeland Security.

I really don't have a career, as I was laid off due to downsizing with Charter Communications back in 2004. I was elected City Councilman back in 2006. I was appointed a Kentucky Colonel back in 2007, by the Governor Ernie Fletcher. I retired from Politics in 2008 and continue to volunteer to various projects in my City. I am referred  to by my peers as Colonel Christoff or Councilman Christoff, but my friends call me Daniel, so my friend, its Daniel to you.

Years ago I stumbled onto a brand new late night talk show on the radio with Art Bell hosting.  I have been a "Coast to Coast" listener ever since.  One show I will never forget was the one when Art had a guest on who stated the there were 4 shooters in the JFK assassination. On the lighter side there was another guest who said he talks to Big Foots, and they mine gold for Aliens under the Earth.
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Thanks to George Noory, who replaced Art Bell when he retired, I heard John Moore on Coast to Coast. He is a contributing Author at!  To make a long story short, I submitted a few articles to this web site and I got an email from Tim Spencer, Executive Director at RuralSurvival.  "We would like to invite you to become a regular contributing author.  If you would like to do this, please submit a 500 word or less biography in brief; we will create the page with a complete index of your articles."

So in closing I would like to invite you to be my friend on Facebook.  I would also like to thank Art, George, John and Tim.  Remember, everything you read on the Internet may be subjective, I will always try to post a link or a Website to validate my articles.

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