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Extraordinary Facts Against Evolution

By Sue Moore
26 June, 2014

Facts Against The Theory of Evolution: The Suppressed Facts Just Dont Support The Theory And They Are Afraid You Will Learn Them!

Want to win an argument with someone who believes it's a fact that we descend from primates (evolution)? Cite these facts and see who can respond.

I have been getting pretty good at debate on this subject lately because of Lloyd Pye's work. (I am simply learning enough facts to question these supposedly educated people who think they're little tin gods in science) Here are my notes:

1. Start off by reminding them there is no definitive missing link. (There likely never will be, because in order to show an evolution there would need to be several other skeletons lined up to that missing link and I will explain - the answer is in genetics.)

2. There is plenty of evidence that hominoids are in the fossil record. But those are not human bones. There is not even ONE "HUMAN" bone in the fossil record before 250 thousand years ago. Humans did not exist "genetically" before that according to the fossil record. Scientists will agree with this fact. (Stay on point - remember we're talking about evidence of evolving from hominoids. Scientists don't like the term "hominoids" because it refers to ape and chimpanzee origin and follows up to the homonids - specifically Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon - which are still not human.)

3. The period of time in question (where they expect the missing link to be) shows a sudden leap when Homo Sapiens arrives on the scene. What's really going to rip up their theory is that primates have 48 chromosomes and humans have only 46. That's a lot of DNA to lose without proof of evolution, and we're obviously superior (this alone makes the theory fall flat on its face, but supports some sort of genetic tampering).

4. All higher animals share at least 50% of their DNA. Humans, apes and chimpanzees are the closest running 98 to 99 percent similarity. But considering there are about THREE BILLION base pairs, there are a couple of THOUSAND base pairs that are totally different. So that claim isn't so impressive after all. There are more questions than answers.

5. Our physiology enables us to speak, Apes and chimps CANNOT because they don't have the required equipment. Look it up. (So that's yet more evidence that they'll have to come up with several by finding even more skeletons in this supposed chain to prove this theory. BUT, not so simple, read on.)

6. Our cerebral cortex is 4X that of an ape, yet we only use 10% of our brain power (proven) the apes and chimps use everything they've got.

7. So you see there is a lot of difference between humans and hominoids. There is strong evidence of genetic tampering about 250,000 years ago. The strongest evidence is the chromosomes, and the fact that humans have about 4,000 different genetic defects. You don't see anything like this in nature with other animals. Every now and then you see pictures where eggs failed to split and animals have 2 heads, or several limbs, etc. but you don't have the string of genetic DEFECTS like humans do. Each one of us walking around has the genes for about FIFTY defects in our body that apes and chimps do not have. Your children who might marry someone with one of the same 50 defects will produce a 1 in 4 chance of the defect "expressing" - meaning that the defect is obvious, like Spina Bifida.

Is this starting to make some sense?

For further clues check out the discontinuities between the whole mitochondrial DNA of apes and humans, Rh negative factors, and repeated DNA sequencing of the male "Y" chromosomes. These suggestions come from a geneticist in the field according to Pye.

Also if they arent already backed into a corner with no escape route, don't fail to ask them for an answer to "Entropy" or the 2nd law of Thermodynamics (entropy can't be accounted for with their theories) also ask them if evolution is a fact, then how did single-celled organisms develop? (No answer. Which came first the chicken or the egg?)

And I haven't even touched on the fact that primate physiology is very different from our own. Their rib cages, strength, bone density...all different. I'd like to see the string of skeletal missing links that show how the rib cage evolved from narrow at the top and wide on the bottom to the reverse. Our hair patterns are different than apes. Their hair is thin on the chest area and thicker on the back, we are the reverse. Our hair pattern shows thinner on the back and thicker on the front.

Fortunately, there are more honest sources stating that Darwinism has too many gaps and that they purport only that the ape MAY have been a common ancestor. Nevertheless, I would extend kudos to those who are beginning to question the gaps too.

You can "Bartel and Szostak" me all you want and cite the newest and best, but it still doesn't change these hard facts. A response should focus on rebutting the facts presented. Of particular concern, is the fact that primates have 48 chromosomes and humans have only 46 yet we are superior to primates. This is the main sticking point. Tell them you cant argue with genetics. How is it possible to lose that much DNA through evolving and come out on top? If they cant answer with facts, further theories are not acceptable.

So as far as theories are concerned, the empirical evidence referenced actually points to "interference" rather than evolution. Remember evolution isn't the same as adaptation, which is provable and a fact. But evolution is a different thing altogether, it implied scientifically provable natural transformation.

(Personally, I think the earth is very, very old and there is evidence that remains of previous civilizations. Research Megalithic sites online for more detailed information on the evidence. Because I said that, however, I do not necessarily disagree with the Biblical version. There is something called the Gap Theory, which explains there is a space of unaccountable time between the creation and when the earth was VOID and covered with water. Could this have been the result of the destruction of a previous version of the earth? See Gen 1:1-2. The Biblical explanation says that God is the Creator, and that God is "spirit" - hence we're talking about something supernatural and that means a different DIMENSION which we know very little about. It is my belief, as is many others, that the world was possibly re-created at that 6,000 year mark, but the evidence of previous civilization is overwhelming. My question remains, if we were seeded here by something extraterrestrial, could we be spiritual beings and possibly multi-dimensional beings having a physical existence on earth as it appears we may not be true natives? There are so many theories and beliefs we must reconcile with facts. Could this be part of the answer to marrying the discrepancies? Unless you actually believe in the spirit world, you would not keep your mind open to this view. I do. You either approach life from a spiritual point of view, or you dont and you believe men are just animals that need to be managed like any other animal on planet earth. I believe thats where the rubber meets the road in all these theories. This is why it is my belief that they will only ever remain theories.)

Just because I'm quoting these facts from Pyes work, doesn't mean I subscribe to ANY other theory of his than the ones I put in print here. You do not have to be a scientist to quote these facts, but it does help to understand them and their implications which is why I wrote the article referencing Pyes work.

Here is my disclaimer: I am not a scientist and this article is not quoting my scientific research. I am only condensing and simplifying known facts, in Pyes fashion, so that they are understandable to more people like myself. I am getting these facts from Lloyd Pye's work. You can do your own further research by reviewing his books, specifically Everything You Know is Wrong: Human Origins. Again, I do not subscribe to ALL of Pye's theories, but the genetic facts speak for themselves. I am human and make mistakes, if I have unknowingly misquoted or misinterpreted facts feel free to comment, but I believe this information is necessary for a true education.

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