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Bully the Bigot and the Bully Becomes the Bigot

Kevin Persic
5 May, 2014

Whether it is Sterling, or a misconstrued Cliven Bundy, I cannot help but have trouble grasping the gasping of the “equality nazi’s.”  Thought police are roaming the airwaves, internet, social media and yes, even the recordings by a disloyal girlfriend of a man still stuck in the 1950’s mentally speaking.  How far is too far, though?  We have seen racists be virtually slaughtered by the media.  Anyone that does not fit the status quo’s modus operandi is called a hate monger, racist, bigot, etc.  There are men and women of all colors, creeds and persuasions who are hateful and downright twisted in their belief structure.  Since when is opinion a crime, though?  I would like everyone to ponder this question.  Although I do not, and I repeat do not, subscribe to hating someone or mistreating them for any reason, I still cannot help but wonder - at what point does it become fighting fire with fire?  An eye for an eye or simply hate for hate?  We all have a constitutionally protected, God given right to free speech.  Most of us are poor stewards of that birthright at some point in our lives. 

Before I go any further, let me offer my two cents on what hate is not.  Disagreeing with someone is not hate.  Not condoning what is morally wrong is not hate.  Holding to conviction even if the majority is throwing you under the proverbial bus is not hate.  When we as a society feel as though we have the moral high ground, we should speak up.  We, however, do not have the right to force someone to apologize, sell their business, or fine them out of business.  Boycott the Clippers?  Sure, why not?  But don’t tell me it is not a double standard if you believe a person can’t refuse to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding.  If you are a person of principle, either situation is acceptable.  When popular speech is the only speech that is protected, we have lost our freedom of speech. 

Whether idiots like the protesters from Westboro Baptist Church, Donald Sterling, or even Al Sharpton run their big mouths, we have a duty to allow the stupidity to drip from their tongues.  If we do not, the next time you say what’s on your mind might be the last time before you are called a bigot, a terrorist, dissident, or simply un-American.  I hope you see that when we bully the bigots, we then become bigoted towards those we disagree with, thus paving the way to our own demise of freely speaking our opinions. It is not East Berlin 1949.  But you know what they say about those who refuse to learn history.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)