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Simply Profound

Kevin Persic
21 May, 2014

Where are the profound thinkers of the day?  Some would say they are all around us. Despite all of the liberal arts, philosophies, junk science and humanism, we have produced a nation of information eaters who lack a passion for discerning the alarm on the bull crap meter and are spoon fed an unhealthy diet of propaganda only to be legitimized by the pretty faces spewing the vomit and disinformation.  

Most people are more in touch with their smart phones and enamored with selfies than with the world around them.  We are on the brink of a major war on multiple fronts, yet the American people sigh.  We have shaken our fist and policed the world on so many fronts that we no longer realize why we had begun conflicts to begin with.  Our Bill of Rights, Constitution, and the rule of law have taken a back burner to a culture of entertainment and self-degradation.  A population of zombies attached to their fleshly desires and hedonism will only produce what it will inevitably  We have thrown God out of the public schools, government, the military, and sadly, the churches. 
produce - death.

One does not have to be a profound thinker to see the writing on the wall.  They say all roads lead to Rome, but I think it would be better stated that all roads that we travel like Rome will result in our destruction like Rome.  Many in the patriot community have a mindset of changing politics through voting. We can put lipstick on a pig and still have pork running the show. It will result in an utter disappointment and only trade one power hungry devil for another. 

I am not saying that we should lay down and let evil run the show.  I am suggesting that you donít treat cancer with aspirin.  What we have is a moral degradation problem in this nation.  When we continue to throw morality and Godís laws underfoot only to trample them, we end up where we are - a nation that has gone astray, full of feeble knees that are not humble knees.  I am not even suggesting a day of prayer for repentance.  I am suggesting personal repentance for our own lives, actions, sins and spiritual adultery.  When we throw the wolves and hirelings out of the church and then government, we may have a fighting chance.  National repentance is needed, but personal repentance is vital to our survival as a nation.  Simple, yet profound.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)