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S. K. O'Neal's Comments and Articles for November, 2014

To the People of Ferguson

SK O'Neal
25 November 2014
   In 1860 we entered a war whose chief potential for conflict was over rising legislative and economic inequities that, by the brilliance of its champion, became emblemised and converted to a greater war against the enduring consequences of racial injustice.   We find ourselves today at the precipice of a war over racial injustice that may, in its turn, champion an epic victory against a greater inequity, and iniquity. 

   The original war was heralded by the death of a white man, John Brown, protesting the injustices of slavery through the commission of a terrible criminal act.   We now have witnessed the death of a black man, his name also Brown, in his own lot of expression, igniting a war carrying the banner of racial strife, but one that can direct its energy into resolution of what is truly not a race war but a class war involving all colors against a common elusive foe, and the realization of an uncompromised reproach against the marble-clad mausoleums of ethical necrosis that now house our nation's policies, its bought government, and the fountainhead of all other conflicts and human suffering.  Both the Browns and the Wilsons of our society are equally victims under a smiling shadow of deceit that now looms over our nation, its beautiful people, and their natural right to celebrate life, love and sovereign freedom together.  Likewise therefore, we now have the prospect of the release of that burning reservoir of righteous indignation, and its massive collateral of unfinished anger, to coherently address a timeless enemy - of black and white alike, of the quiet body of men whose land and forefathers' bones we walk upon in the prosecution of our own outspoken complaints, and indeed of the outcry of all virtuous men of all creeds - to sound our common judgment against those pervasive and unscrupulous merchants and bankers --of all creeds--, and their hired minions of enforcement and franchised deception, who view the peoples of the world not as creatures to be inspired to a civilization of love and higher destiny, but, in every practical avenue and practice, to be maintained in perpetuity as numbered livestock.

   When those exquisite generals of the human heart return among our midst, wherein resides that genuine kernel of consciousness and unfallen purpose, and who finally potentiate the enduring contagion of love over that of fear, those of us who are now filled with rage and resolution, as well as the cloistered scribes who so persistently author the strifes of men and nations, shall come to know, each in their own sanction, what real power is.   We, the people, are not each others' enemy.  But there are those resolved to make us believe so, and it is these self appointed kings who, in their adeptness of earthly wealth, are the least spiritually advanced, and need our help.  So therein lies the special riddle of "love thy enemy."   Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall know God.  But such is not a peace from slavery or complacency, but in active vigilance and refusal of evil, and as the natural, undefiled outgrowth of the instinct to love which is our birthright, and the pattern from which immortality and unwasted purpose are made.

The Seal

SK O'Neal
22 November 2014

    How does one, in the purview of our nation's current state of street-smart, yet wisdom-depleted mentality and programmed cultural disjunction, distill intelligent optimism from the gauntlets of fruitless wishful thinking and beguiling duplicity that define our politics of today?  We look back for a moment to the wake of events of fifty one years ago, an its fateful decade.

    That unfathomable precious resources had been so treasonously squandered for the sake of profit for a few spiritually vacant yet persistent families of calculating demons who regard the peoples of the earth as veritable livestock, with tens of thousands of young men at their moment of engaging fruitful life, instead of building lives and livelihoods as free men and the families they would have fathered, unceremoniously and deceitfully condemned to useless carnage in a remote jungle, with yet far more ruined protesting this fact, and their champion so conspicuously murdered for his proposals to ensure a practically virtuous and genuinely prosperous nation, leaves a most desolate and gnawing pit in the stomach, stewing in the putrefying panorama of a depleted, de-humanised, de-boned, de-industrialised, functionally jaded and dispirited nation, now little more than a vestigial and pathetic chalice for a vicarious society of chemically lobotomised button clickers, skillfully rendered incapable in its practical majority, of comprehending that this could ever happen, or has happened.

    For such reasons, we note in particular that Ferguson and its sequelae of transhumanised social engineering, soon to become the resolute advertisement for insuperable state power, shall, under the present vacuous national stewardship, never know freedom from their current lot any more than Sodomon and Gamorrah were able to lift themselves from the weight of their iniquities.  Until true leaders of the human heart once again rise gainfully amongst our people, and sufficient vestige of capacity to respond is found to remain, ours shall be the lot of Babylon and Rome, with the seal of Niro's number the impregnator of our fate.  

   From whence does one extract the proper faith in humanity and our secret passion for a beautiful future, within a grubstaked nation, and its aristocracy that defiles decency at every opportunity, and murders its greatest champions of truth and human sovereignty with immaculate regularity?

Please note this appropriate article by Dave Hodges that places in clear view the loss of our nation and why --

The Solution - A Letter To Friends

SK O'Neal
20 February 2014

  Here you go - this is exactly what is needed in Ferguson [music link below].  If in a better position, and not the only one apparently talking about this, I would rent a place there and get some of these folks together right now, and use every ounce of the English language to emancipate the meaning of those who are gathered and who live there.  This music and the contagion of attitude are far more powerful that many allow themselves to think.  What has become of the love we all genuinely felt at Zoe, and the real effect it could have had on a world that so badly needs healing?  What happens in Ferguson has long reaching consequences and could alter the course of mankind, and completely redefine the effects of the social manipulations now see underway.  A beautiful civilisation is not made by being consummately pragmatic and worrying about what politicians think.  I sure miss Bob Marley, and also miss a place where the flock has not scattered.  One may, in a sense, still possess it, but he nonetheless cannot make bread with the flour all cast into the grass.  Shall I go talk to the trees instead, with all the music and spent rhetoric of the sixties now about individual arrested egos, each in their separate, safety-sealed worlds?   I really don't want to retreat to the wilderness, but rather find a spark of real life among the new generations about to inherit the helm of humanity.   The ideal of Woodstock has a most abstract and powerful relevance right now, of only the right people could see it.   We need to make the point once and for all that our enemy is not each other, but rather those who want us to think so.  We could go there and welcome them to the --real-- new world.  This is not a race war, but a class war - by the elite few upon the ones they intend to sustain as slaves, disguising their hands in black and white gloves.  The cruel manipulation we are about to witness is intolerable.

Jim T - I would help with the cost, if such a thing were done (by a St Louis band even more than Wookiefoot, for instance), but as I have mentioned before, there must be more interest than my own imagination and willingness to probably be beaten to death by the outside operatives who have been sent there to inflame strife.  Perhaps, all considered, I should carry my drum there anyway.  Apathy is far worse a course than the prospect of than death. 

TO All, Namaste, 
incali takia wakkan.

Briefing on Earth Batteries, Telluric Currents and Implications of Advanced Technologies

SK O'Neal
18 November 2014

   The "earth battery" concept, recently discussed on the John Moore Show [19], is a charming anecdote of technology that engenders not only consideration of its own specific merit, but also a number of conversations relating to our current situation as a civilisation.  Some matters related to such conversations I offer here, and suggest deeper investigation.  Please allow me to forward a carefully considered contextual editorial far beyond the scope of this article's topic, but begging consideration in the background as organically provocative  --

   Due to consummate forces acting within and upon our societies today, any discussion of a technology, taken to its practical limit of relevance in our civilisation, converge to the looming issue of the various lot of modern "scientologies," if you will, that now propose to render human life as inferior to the custody of a profanely intractable extraterrestrial and associated earthbound secret technocracy, masked as government husbandry, secreted behind fabricated programmes of necessity, terror, natural disaster and geophysical manipulation, but as lost in its own pseudo-theistic love affair with lower dimensional pragmatic logic as were the Greeks of Alexander's day, themselves impetuously adrift in the juvenile zeal of resolute atheism.  For such reasons, and in addition to our natural acquaintance with the unfathomable beauty and intelligence of the human heart,  a holistic, holographic and nonlinear approach to both our socio-scientific dynamics, as well as interpretation of scriptures, is needed.  Discovery of a suitable kernel of "self-activating" symbology [17] that resonates and chain reacts within the great spiritual and intuitive potential of otherwise ordinary human beings is directly needed to terminate the many-millennia-long paradigm of a few elite controlling a great population through fear, chaos and compulsion with themselves as self-appointed kings and conspicuously devoid of the tell-tale humility of a truly divine agent.  So may by such means end that terrible and persistent perversion that befell Atlantis as a few elite incali fell to the inevitable corruption of inbred power to assemble in the vulgar affair of its unsunken refuge, Egypt, its Pharohs, and with the long, insufferable pedigree of their enslaving paradigm [21].   A most revealing account of "distant" intelligence and its need, despite great esoteric powers, for the human mind in its natural element, is found in Puharich's manuscript. [18].  The capacities of the sort as Uri Geller, and, for instance the work of John Niehardt's SORRAT group [20],[22],[23], are urgently needed, as I have repeatedly proposed, and a new group shall be formed to utilise the full power of these esoteric aspects, undefiled by government agendae and in keeping with every respect for the true God, that root from which all life and consciousness grows and prospers in its own birthright of intrinsic creative freedom.  The rite that I performed in September of 2010, as some will remember, appears to be appropriate again, but now neither in solitude nor with me at its center.  So be it by this and other means that Garabandal and Fatima shall not have been in vain [24].  In the end, as it was for Elija before Jezebel's accolites, it shall be seen that these vain masters of mankind do not yet possess real power, nor are the flames of their fires at all bright in the greater halls of consciousness.  For the moment, let us look at some practicalities on the subject matter.   

      Shalom, Incali Takita Wakkan

The Earth Battery

    I looked briefly into the earth battery concept and some of the patents and videos [1].   There are two claimed sources of energy  - first, a standard arrangement of dissimilar metals forming a conventional battery using moist dirt as the electrolyte, and second, harvesting of the telluric earth currents.   The first ends up being an arrangement that provides about a volt per cell, depending on the relative Fermi levels [16] of the two electrodes, and whose current depends upon the conductivity of the earth electrolyte and surface area of the electrodes, typically a few milliwatts per square centimetre of electrode surface.  The total voltage can, of course, be additive for cells placed in series.  

   These cells are shown in various configurations that all involve electrodes immersed in an electrolyte, but sometimes include use of a bifilar coil using insulated wire made from the electrode metals, wrapped around a ferrous core such as an iron bolt.  Some references are loosely made in relation to orientation of the coils relative to earth's magnetic field, but a short survey of the subject yielded no definitive data.  [2]

   A universal property of electrode-electrolyte battery systems is that there is a conversion of electrode metal to oxidized compounds, using up one of the electrodes in proportion to the electric energy harvested and inversely proportional to the chemical potential difference between the two electrode metal types.  An identical situation is seen on a small scale with the use of a lemon that serves as an acid electrolyte and two coins, one generally being a copper penny and the other a dime.   Alkaline electrolytes include the nickel-iron battery system that has the advantage of exceptionally many cycles of recharging, and capacity to tolerate full discharge abuse relative to the lead-acid types, but suffers from low comparatively rapid self-discharge.   [3]

Appraisal of Telluric Currents

   I am frankly skeptical of the telluric current component, as the setup seems poorly suited.  Of first note, the coils used are of relatively low inductance and the currents involved are DC.  The telluric currents are also attributed to be rather low frequencies.  This means that the coils will store negligible energy from these sources.  Tesla's work involving earth responses typically involved very large coils and often frequencies in the megahertz range.  In the case of the Tower, he pulsed a very high voltage at several dozen hertz, producing transient voltages utilizing the effect of  L*dI/dt  [5].   The Tower was distinctly different from the concept of the earth battery as it apparently was intended to develop dielectric breakdown of the atmosphere to provide a conductive path for discharge from the ionospheric charge (and energy) reservoir.

Atmospheric Earth Energy

    Another related issue I learned as an undergraduate physics student  - the diurnal changes in altitude of the ionosphere layer - to which I asked the question, how much energy did that involve, if modeled as a capacitor with plates changing their distance?   Apparently it is more that we are generally aware, and it is reasonable to suggest that these described telluric currents are at least in part due to this effect.  As this will also affect the net local magnetic field of the earth, precise data on such an effect will be in the domain of military guidance systems and thus restriced data.   In general, however, it will be recognised as a second order effect to the geomagnetic field that is in range of several milli-Gauss, and so any inductive pickup or even conductive harvest of useful quantities of electric power from these currents will require very large devices.  One should not go without mentioning James McCanney's pioneering work in the subject of atmospheric electricity and its principal source, the sun.  [4]

Interim Appraisal of the Earth Battery

   More comprehensive research might reveal implications of energy harvest less mundane than the use of dirt as an electrolyte, but at this point it appears that earth batteries are quite conventional, must be very large to provide both the required amperage and voltage for residential or industrial purposes, and the harvested energy will extract a substantial cost in replacement of electrode metals.  

The High Technology Environment and Indirect Energies

   Another implicitly related area of energy harvest is electromagnetic propulsion of craft that followed the Nazi jet-disc projects.  The literature indicates two distinct effects.  The earlier concept is the phase-tapped high voltage Tesla coil at about a megahertz, as dicussed by William Lynne  [6] and occasionally seen due to the presence of high voltage auras around some disc craft.  These craft clearly involve a substantial electric field, apparently involving ac currrents and dc voltage biases.  The second is related to rotational magnetic energy, sometimes referred to in its vedic pedigree as Vril energy, and otherwise noted as homopolar magnetic phenomenae.  The Nazi die Glocke device [7] was apparently related to such magnetic phenomenae, plus another area of research - Zero Point Energy (ZPE).  Research into this subject has ranged from very large complex devices as die Glocke to the H.T. Moray box [8],[9], for instance, in which kilowatt energy was claimed to be obtained from a collection of specialised vacuum tubes.  The Gray motor-generator (and patent) [10] was of a similar philosophy, and the Bedini-Bearden [11] homopolar generators also are in the class of effects variously referred to as "ZPE."  Public understanding of these effects is paltry and heavily confused with technical swill.  Apparently far more elegant devices exist, as we see with the CARET antigravity device attributed to reverse engineering of a non-terrestrial craft, and the less compact man-made "dragonfly" craft investigated by Linda M. Howe. [14]  The Lynne high voltage craft can be investigated from the perspective of interaction with earth's ambient surface electric field due to the charge inventory of the ionosphere (typically about 200 volts per metre, with an extremely low normal conductivity that Tesla attemtped to overcome).   I have discussed the idea of independent public research into these classes of energy and propulsion to overcome the apparent cloistering of the technology away from public benefit, but interest is limited.    The onset of this problem of restriction of major technology is often associated with the prostration of Tesla by Morgan and Rockefeller [15], but the practise continues today in perhaps the most compartmentalised research in existence.  The reality of extraterrestrial involvement with planet earth, mostly in strict avoidance of interaction with humans, and some that clearly is not, is intimately related to a growing separation between a privileged portion of human population and the masses, both financially and in terms of technology as far advanced from chemical rocket propulsion and fossil fuel electricity as radio would have been to first century Rome.  

Global and Ethical Implications

   It is arguable on an historical basis that, like other technologies, these new sources, as certain ones prove out, will benefit mankind.  But likewise, we see the historical accounts show societies ruthlessly overcoming others based upon technological superiority, but conspicuously lacking commensurate ethical and spiritual advancements.  That imbalance today, in sequelum to the Holocaust, is arguably approaching a pluperfect condition that directly manifests as a pragmatic materialism of existential thinking and its dramatic effect on public policy, presenting the prospect of the most dreadful and immaculately arrogant explosion of inhumanity ever witnessed.

   On a directly logical ecclesiastical level, we can draw parallels in John of Patmos' [14] description of Niro's Rome and the associated number 666, and a pattern of human behaviour and the path of the dominant empire that is resolving into corruption, poisoning of its citizens, apathy of the population, and the persecution and distortion of the religions in the face of pragmatic, if not barbaric, physical realities.  I would propose that this holographic comprehension of scriptures, despite arguments for and against divine perfection of the various bibles that over-extend the housekeeping of the Old Testament, may nonetheless extract from certain portions of preserved text the dynamics between earthly consciousness and spiritual comprehension that develop instability and breakdown in a repetitive pattern that is seen in timeless abstractions as may be inferred from the visions of the prophets and other accounts.   A related phenomenon is the correlation between Alexander's Greece and the United States today.   Benoit's treatment of Alexander the Great  [12]includes a magnificent revelation about the transition from polytheistic Greece to the virtual worship of the newfound logic and maths, summarily dispensing with nearly all consideration of the esoteric comprehension of reality in the face of Greece's juvenile romance with the manipulation of the physical world.  This I have mentioned in previous discussions, but it is again specifically relevant.  The United States, and more specifically its unintended Phoenecian owners, with their Doric marble columns and lofty inscriptions in the District as well as Georgia, is in a condition very much like Alexander's Greece, embracing its military and technological power with abandon.  But also like Alexander, and more recently their secret protege and embarrassment Hitler, are about to repeat Alexander's fatal, self-glorifying futility, into the intuitively endowed Middle and Far East, and, despite China's dilitation with Marx, lose themselves in that esoterically complex wilderness.

  For such reasons I have proposed on a number of occasions that groups meet under this understanding and  produce the kernel of a new refinement of civilisation based upon comparatively Prometian philosophies, refusing to allow the few elite to control advancements that they are far too spiritually immature, albeit of opposite opinion on that matter, to continue to impose upon mankind.   Very soon will be the last call for such a proposal before the die is cast, and the better wisdom is to run for cover.  Niro's mark will not be refused by any but a very few, and they will be persecuted, as we clearly see the inaugural signs of now.  For these reasons, one's money and contingencies must be viewed from and especially troubling perspective.  At such a point, discussions like the virtues of earth batteries and even one's stored food, quickly become moot.  In effect, this aspect of "preparedness" takes on the dimension of need for a gross coordinated technological and esoteric (paranormal practises) effort that greatly supercedes the efficacy of galvanising homesteads.         

[1]  See Wikipedia patents section.

[2]  Youtube contains a number of short videos demonstrating these effects.

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[5] footnote,  this expression is the product of inductance of a large coil and the first time derivative of the current, and is the primary means by which the "Tesla Coil" produces high voltage from a primary coil of relatively few turns.  The low inductance of a one or few turn coil allows a very high electrical transient.

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The American Potato Famine

10 November 2014

    Note this article [1].  At some point the simple boycott won't be enough, unless everyone just sits down and waits for the Rapture, and it actually happens.  But even Moses had to do a lot of walking. The other matter is that too large a portion of our society is hopelessly stupid and comfortably complicit with corruption, leaving those who think and care to commit to one or another kind of exodus, or else something of the nature of the French Revolution.  What is needed is a real network with the same social and sanction power as the mob families of the world, but who are committed to a higher ethical code and who have the technology to back it up in the face of tyrrany and evil.  Another realistic consideration is to foreclose upon all hope and trouble over the future of our nation and hit the escape button, no longer wasting concern and resources over a society that has lost its intellectual and ethical critical mass.  I'll bet the Russians, like the rest of Europe, won't put up with this GMO potato or anything else - maybe it would be better to side with them, and just let them crush the U.S.    Remember that Monsanto is a protege of the Nazi firm I.G. Farben, and the Russians will happily neutralise a nation that is essentially a clone and secret partner to their historical arch nemesis, Germany.  What does it really mean now, globally speaking, to be an American now?  Stupid, gullible, and certainly lacking the balls to do anything about anything, except for a precious few, on the last shriek before the lemming race.

    I already have a hell of a time on the road between the endless cookie-cutter towns and corporate mainstreets trying to eat, or even perusing the grocery store, as certainly in the Midwest oases such as Trader Joe's are only in very large cities, and everywhere else in this region is food for the ignorant, stamped out in some factory like cattle feed, or pig-manure-eating chickens in those giant coops in Arkansas.  Even the domesticated Australians are nowhere near this pathetic.  It is difficult to reconcile staying among a people who incessantly wave the flag and, whether they know it yet or not, are implicitly willing to put Jews in ovens, or march into the fire themselves, if it is the law of the land, based solely upon the delusion that their nation, and its sweet, beguiling twinkies and French fries are so wonderful that God himself has ordained it invulnerable to the failures of every prior empire in human history.

     Where are all the friends I should have who would gather to a piece of land and garden and forever play the forbidden music as the Scots did, in defiance to the King of England? For certain, however, our flock in Missouri was scattered to the wind.  When Andrew Myrick refused food to the starving Santee Sioux, suggesting they instead eat grass, he was, of course, later found eviscerated, with grass in his mouth.  As it happens, grass is more nutritious than the American food system, and  I have a suggestion regarding the disposition of Monsanto's executives and the government bureaucrats who enable them.  A slightly more attractive 20th century remedy is, of course, a large contract for piano wire.  Peace, and  love to all is my preference, but one must remember that the meek shall inherit the earth - six feet under it.  Consider all of this during your next meal.


The Great Play of Our Day - An Initiate's Sampling

SK O'Neal
8 November 2014

    For those relatively new to the revelations of our times, there are so many documentaries and references to consider, but this one with Russo is worth an initial examination [1].  Having run for Congress and holding too much public visibility, Russo was murdered in an effort to quiet public knowledge of such matters, a pattern that has virtually defined our last half century.  Yet comfortable rationalisations and complicity with violent and quintessentially unscrupulous criminals at the top of our national and world affairs continues to define the reality of our cultural norms, whether we like it or not, or know it or not, as we grub for crumbs from the Table of Dirty Dealings.  In simply mentioning this particular item to my email friends, which was the original intent, the floodgates of relevant subjects were instantly opened, and several off the top references, while still holding back a veritable sea of others, ignite the compulsion to propose these urgent matters to those not already initiated. 

The Equation of Awareness and Dissonance

    In many ways, the last decade resembles the huge rise in awareness and associated sociological phenomenae of the sixties and onward that originated primarily in the growing demographic of college students and an information explosion that began then with revelations about the sordid agenda behind Vietnam, and the attendant systematic deception, manipulation and social stratification of the public mind.  Interestingly, the sixties ended with the Peace March by some two million people, and the resulting quiet withdrawal of secret plans by Kissinger and Nixon to use nuclear explosives on North Vietnam.  The deluge of information that accompanies the current information revolution is orders of magnitude greater than in the sixties, and the latent energy for sociological and even spiritual revolution against its precedent paradigm is proportional.  So as well, however, has been the sophistication of the public deceptions by the same families and institutions that control our government through secret masked agendas, beginning with the relatively simple facade of the sixties' Co-Intel-Pro's campaign against drugs that was in reality a programme for infiltration and neutralisation of social dissonance and change, to the current plethora of campaigns to control populations under falsified and duplicitous environmental and terror related ruses that Valarian and others have studied and reported. 

One Starting Point on the Agendae

    Note reference [2] relating indirectly to the Cobden Club letter (see [3], p.71) to the UN Security Council proposing forced de-population to nations not cooperating with the UN programmes.  This all sounds lofty and necessary under the specious silken tongue of concern for humanity that David Rockefeller uses, but the executed policies are no less horrid and arrogant than those implemented by the Third Reich, and its sanitary language of necessity and grand sociologies, nor has the fruit of this year's harvest fallen very far from that tree.

Profit and Manipulation of the Population as Livestock - The Foundation

    A first clue for those unstudied on such matters is, for instance, the ruse on global warming and Al Gore's stock holdings in the Chicago firm that profits directly from carbon credits, never mind for the moment all the falsified data that garnered a plethora of technical inbreeding and redundancy in the university peer review system.   James McCanney [10] is the best reference to study the realities of this matter.  Another is the massive Agenda 21 suite of policies that intend to remove our way of life as Americans under public sentiments driven by an environmental banner, but in reality are an orgy of policies intended to disenfranchise the last bastion, and its republic, of human freedom by the same institutions and elite families our nation's forefathers won their freedom from.  Bear in mind that with the stew of environmental mantras endlessly pouring out upon the public, little relevant and badly needed consideration is ever offered from any official source about the Fukushima radiation fields, or the BP oil spill, or any other real phenomenon.

  Any elementary journalistic effort instantly reveals that the general area of study related to all of these related subjects is massive and multiply interconnected, but in the inevitably overwhelming introduction to this field one should not forget Rosa Koire's work, "Behind the Green Mask"  (see video link [4]).  Rosa, residing within the social category of decidedly liberal individuals, nonetheless calls out the pathological condition of the "liberal" agendas that fit comfortably upon the hand of a world programme that is corrosive to all long considered norms of human freedom.  Another interesting woman's view is contained in the discussions related to our situation with nuclear waste, for instance, [5],[6].

  Now cliche, Charlotte Iserbyt's work, “Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”  [7], outlines the component of the coordinated agendas to condition the American public that particularly resemble Hitler’s approach to indoctrination of youth.  A stunning collaborating reference to this process is Former KGB official Yuri Bezmenov [8],[9], describing the decay of the American sociological system as being in a state of strategic decomposition beyond the wildest dreams of the KGB.

The Resolution

   As we watch the conservative demographic rest on its laurels after the last election, we shall see a false sense of security pool once again into complacency.  Indeed, those who control the theatre are pleased that the Republicans have now received their charge in this right-hand swing of the political pendulum that so dependably hypnotises the American public.  Even today, the audience misses the assassin behind the curtains.  Ironically the inattentive, conservative mainstreet naivete, more than the parasites themselves, heralds the impending tragedy of our nation and way of life, as there is little dependable anchor within the liberal side to resist the rip tide of confusion that carries nations and cultures into oblivion.  The same mindless compulsion of denial that sustains public blindness to the truth about 911 and its inevitable sequelae is a far more efficient slavemaster than any who has ever honestly swung a whip.  The question now hiding among the veils of stage-right is whether the ultimate destiny of our people will be accomplished through revolution or revelation. 

[3]  Valdamar Valerian, Matrix III (The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, and Electronic Manipulation of Human Conciousness), 1992
[7]  Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, Charlotte Iserbyt
[10]  James McCanney, see

A Discussion of Economies on Life Support

SK O'Neal
6 November 2014

    Consider this article on RBN [1].  The direct correlation between QE and the rising stock market and avoidance of outright collapse is indicated here.  In particular, notice the distinctly revealing graph showing the S&P500 as it repeatedly starts to tank and then the next QE starts it on a new upslope.  During that same time the interest rates slipped to essentially zero and also metals rose considerably.  This rise in metals in response to the --latent inflation-- of QE has evidently been recently addressed through gross manipulation, resulting in paper to metals ratios of fifty or better, and complete defilement of market dynamics, at least temporarily.   It is notable that there has been talk of continued QE, which [1] seems to miss, but a discussion with any banker tends to reveal, along with an invitation to feel secure and invest in their paltry returns.

The Mechanics of the Problem

   A matter some of us have previously overlooked is the massive deflation/depression cycle that had been setting in since 2006, and especially noticeable by 2007 (when a friend suddenly ran into a problem on the junk mortgage he was trying to get for my land that year) as the credit system started to pull the plug on mortgages.  There appears to be an ambiguity between what may have been a natural intrinsic recent development in our economy and the forced induction of deflation by pulling away massive buying power in 2007.  The near collapse in September of 2008 was likely directly related to this, but the eleventh hour fire drill that the Bush Administration went through is somehow unbecoming of the long established premeditation that directs our national and economic affairs.  What appears to be the case is that the Fed counterbalanced a liquidity crisis in the banking industry by issuing lots of currency, but because that currency was unbacked, is intrinsically extremely inflationary. There is a demographic component, no doubt carefully calculated (see footnote [6]).  Because of a concurrent strong deflationary component from loss of public buying power and money velocity, the two effects canceled, except for essential commodities.  The CPI has reflected the combination of strong inflation of these essential commodities and loss of price (equity) in housing, averaging to a useless diminutive scalar figure that completely misrepresents what is going on - premeditated transfer of wealth and buying power from Main Street to Wall Street.  I believe that analysts like Chapman [3], et al, expected metals to continue to rise as they did from 2006, but could not anticipate the bold level of manipulation that has taken over.  Likewise, Chapman was surprised that the dollar survived into 2012, but was likely fooled by the degree and endurance of departure from economic fundamentals.  Meanwhile China, Russia and India have been stockpiling metals, and having meetings, Obama not invited, to prepare for exodus from the petrodollar.  They have not forgotten fundamentals, and also, culturally speaking, operate on much longer time frames.  Indeed the credibility of Putin's military posture is greatly strengthened by the economic positions held by the BRICS, despite their involvement with Western debt structures.  They fully understand the inevitability of their own collteral losses when the games start.  What these old nations are doing is what to pay attention to and emulate at local levels, contrasting sharply with the smiling swill that the manipulated markets and their financial shills are shoveling at the American public.  A major component in the definition of our socioeconomic problems is public unawareness, or functional denial, of government sanctioned criminal intent and its degree of pervasiveness within all nations involved.  Iceland stands as the first exception that did not succumb to villianization, but then again, it has no oil.  Russia and China have much more to think about, as do India and Brasil.


    As long as we see more QE and stable interest rates near zero, then the current artificial economic situation can reasonably be expected to be sustained perhaps a few more years in its metastable state, excepting considerations for surreptitious attack, whether military or economic.  Negative interest rates however, not a new concept, are nonetheless destabilising, and can take on not only the traditional irritating form, but also that which we saw in Cyprus, and other forms of defacto negative rates such as the events in Greece. The laws of physics will, however, eventually overtake yet another departure from mathematical reality.  Interestingly, Lindsey Williams and others have warned from their sources for at least three or four years now that when we see interest rates begin to rise again that the game is over and all hell will break loose. Implicit in such a position is that a collapse point will be deliberately chosen, and that there will be a technical indicator that heralds it.  Another mode of failure may be taken from Japan [2], which is an economic laboratory for us to observe, this time in particular the effects of trying to rescue a failing economy through leveraging of the bond market, a traditionally more conservative arena.  Other analysts, however, see the transition originating with a false flag catastrophe, blindsiding the carnival.  From the intrinsic properties of corruption alone, which any honest and informed person cannot deny in its plethora today, such a system is ripe for a fall, but even the best of men have been stumped on more fundamental irregularities in our socioeconomic picture, commonly over-anticipating the fall from solvency.  To be sure, no avenue of investment is truly safe, even our lands and food reserves rendered illegal to hold in any quantity by executive order, which can be arbitrarily seized and taxed from us.  The obtuseness of such executive orders is a clue, Sherlock.  Other analysts are comparatively moderate in their expectations, such as Martin Armstrong and Larry Dent, who see a more orderly transition into the deflation/depression cycle - but these men routinely miss the effects of severe departures from humanity, certainly not lacking precedent.  We see signs of such in the logistics of the FEMA camps, in executive orders and their specious language that are nearly carbon copies of those issued by the Third Reich, and by a multitude of collateral memes too numerous and morally obtuse to list in the scope of this discussion.  Another matter that points to a violent resolution is the situation with Russia and China, in which a departure from business as usual with the Rothschild banking system and its petrodollar and Pentagon enforcer will, by nature, not be gradual.  As we have seen in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, and other places, compliance is an all-or-nothing affair.  Despite their crucifixions in Western mainstream press, also owned by the big R's, the leaders of these nations do not hold the corner on tyranny any more than the quiet horrid perversions of other nations and their whitewashed leaders, but the selected villains are brought to the fore not for sake of bona fide distinction, except in appearance only, but in reality for their refusal to accept a central bank and the petrodollar.   The Romanovs of Russia discovered the consequences of this same paradigm in 1917.  Hitler&Co, initially playing the game with the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Harrimans and Bushs, abrigated their obedience, and then conspicuously departed from human decency to such an extent that a cause celeb was conveniently brought into play, and the banking elite vanquished them, but were nearly consumed by their own ultra right-wing Frankenstein.  We see therefore that their calculations are not fool proof.  Perhaps, however, most Americans do not care about such corruptions as long as they get their bread and circus, and this effect we see in spades at the moment, just as with the cherubs of Rome before the reality of Atilla.

   What remains for us is the job of estimating the timing and exact mode of failure based on information that even the best analysts are evidently missing.  If we consider the total surface integral of mankind's global affairs from a fundamental philosophical view, the details blur into ambiguities but the net product comes into view - the iniquities of mankind will emerge as the controlling lowest common denominator from the harvest of the fears of men.  Ecclesiastes tells us that those who live for money shall never see enough.  As for timing "....there shall be wars and rumours of wars, but of the exact time of harvest, that is only known above."  Even our gold and silver are to be properly contexed, as Ecclesiastes makes his reference to these as well.  Only those who take the time to secure their independence, gardening and chopping wood with their children and neighbours, and strategically reject the homilies of neuvo-Rome through practical proactive means as communities, not as lone wolves, will be at all likely to survive as free men.  Even then arises the question of advanced methods for defence, and we have Qumran, Israel to consider [7].   What I am in essence saying is that we must immediately form a break-away civilisation, not as the elite, who are secretly exempting themselves as we speak, but as the grassroots who populate the fields and share the experience of life as a total civilisation capable of enlightenment.  Gold, bonds and livelihoods will all soon be tossed about in the storm, though the gold will fare better among them.  But best will be the golden effect of good will and positive action compatible with our natural and intuitive environment.  Of the  metals themselves, one might expect violent moves due to their coupling with the paper market, but that the real commodities will later emerge in proper keeping against the massive default of the currencies.  An exception may be total social collapse, rendering food, salt and seeds as the new gold.


   Those who criticise and make trifle of the "preppers" miss the most important point of all - that we who intelligently trouble ourselves with the future are not trying to second-guess God, but rather wish not to live as grasshoppers, and are, in reality, speaking not so much of surviving as much as describing living as man should live, good times or bad.  To take sovereign local control of our personal, family and community affairs is quintessential freedom in its purest definition, antithetical to slavery and now to every direction our nation is being driven.  Unfortunately, the recent elections will only serve to delay the eventually realised reality that the republicans and democrats are but the right and left hand of the same monster who intends to consume us.   As we share our considerations of the coming economic picture, it is all too easy, as I have mentioned before, to take the course of those in Pompeii, or even be satisfied with the quasi-stable economic trends of Dent and Armstrong.  But there is something far more insidious happening at a global level that must be addressed, as we see, for instance, in these discussions relating to the use of technology to de-humanise us [4], [5].   




[3] Referring to the late Robert Chapman of  The International Forecaster



[6] note - It should not be taken as pure coincidence that 2008 was also the inflection point for the baby boomer generation transitioning from net savings investment to retirement withdrawal, and a study of this will reveal the true intent of the money-masters: disenfranchisement of the boomers from the buying power of their investments, a transfer of wealth.  Also, our leaky-border syndrome is also related to the demographics of filling the labour gap, particularly the maintenance of cheap labour.

[7]  Read "Jesus and the Essenes" by the late Delores Cannon.  Here, their spiritual foundations went beyond a governing loving pretext to society and study to obtain truth, but fully entered the domain of esoteric practises, and notably the ability to use nonlethal methods to deflect conflict with the Romans and Herod. 

Putin's Message and the Coming War

SK O'Neal
2 November 2014

   I am sending this out as an urgent consideration.  One could of course postulate that Putin is in pocket with the Rothschild empire and the notable fellows holding Obama's strings, but the psychometry of his rhetoric contradicts this hypothesis.  We are then left with the second hypothesis that there is a genuine power struggle that will result in emancipation of much of the world from the dollar reserve and American economic and military power as a projection of the central bank interests.  This long standing use of American military power has also not been beneficial for the American people either, as it has not at all been bona-fide defence.  our prosperity-apparent belies this, but now soon comes the payment of the Piper for a nation who sold itself to the old world crime families as Rome did twenty centuries ago.   Our entry into wars has consistently been under pretexts not at all resembling the truth of the situation, and this devolved into stalemate situations such as the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and now persists as the long war in Lower Asia and Africa to preserve mineral and shipping interests that is never intended to end.  But it will end one way or another, and the instabilities in the calculations for world and national policy will likely occur through cultural misunderstanding that has stood between East and West for many centuries that is in many way an outgrowth of Alexander's new godless materialism clashed against the spiritually intuitive East.  It is ironic that Russia and China have aethistic patinas, and the West a religious one, but there is a subtle irony.  Even Edgar Cayce mentioned that true domocracy and even the veritable tenets of Christianity will rise see its renaissance in.................... Russia.  What a pity that should happen, but all is negotiable in the arena of human free will, if we simply choose to open our hearts, and respond to the true counsel ofleaders of mankind's future, not mindless obedience to a saviour who promises to assuage our material difficulties.

It is not trivial or cavalier for Putin to mention the near inevitability of World War III --[1]

…Russia does not wish for the chaos to spread, does not want war, and has no intention of starting one. However, today Russia sees the outbreak of global war as almost inevitable, is prepared for it, and is continuing to prepare for it. Russia does not war, nor does she fear it…

As mentioned before, I am not inclined to send out many, or perhaps any, more open discussions for publication and consideration, as I do not wish to waste time or get unwanted exposure for something that is not being actively engaged by a tiny handful of people who take the time to actually address the future.

   I appreciate Dave Hodges' work and at the moment, especially this article, as it greatly clarifies a major inflection point in the logic of clarifying the real course of the near and mid-term future.   I believe that the next several years holds a very high probability that miscalculations will be made by the West, due to perverted cultural norms we see evidenced in their archaic socioeconomic and spiritual occult doctrines, and that at some point in the near future the Russians and Chinese will use an anonymous nuclear proxy to devastate the United States and Western Europe.  The highly developed spiritual-logical concepts that I have been working on continue to be a hope for me, as I wonder about my lonely fate in this near future as well, but I take from Ann Barnhardt's interesting thesis regarding "logos" and Jesus' teachings, that pure unadulterated logic, not to be confused with pragmatic materialism and existentialism common to aethistic views, is our true path to enlightenment.  This is not psychedelics, nor endless inbred religious mantras, nor as well, the abandonment of the ecclesiastical mystery of indeterminism and free will under a just God of perfect logic and the concepts of love that spring from harmonisation of that free will.

Those who are interested in surviving not only in body but also in cultural and spiritual context on this earth over the coming period has best get ahold of me soon and participate.  The contribution of many minds and hearts is necessary, as no good thing is ever accomplished alone or strictly from the distillation of one man's ideals.

I do not in any shape or form believe that Putin is bluffing, but rather sees the fate of his people in the same light as ours, who still mostly do not understand what is happening.            


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