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Personal Reflections on the recent CDC Head Interview on Fox

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Mr. SK  O'Neal on 10 October, 2014

The asinine argument that travel bans will increase the problem in Africa because help cannot get in is one for the books, never mind the Mr. Rogers pedantic tone of voice the guy is using.  Never mind for the moment, that our troops are there, like every other "humanitarian" pretext,  to deal with Chinese and Russian mineral interests, not Ebola, or anything at all to do with human suffering, except for the media whitewash.  This class of duplicitous irony is particularly bitter, and is a bellwether for treatment of the American population to come, under the larger and even more insidious international priorities that have engineered our Deliberately Dumbed Down populace (ca. C. Iserbyt and V. Valerian).  Maybe we, who are knowledgeable but possess no power of sanction or direction of public policy, should establish our own expansive underground facility, then briefly seal ourselves off from the death of tens of millions of hapless people buying into such idiotic arguments.  Then, when the smoke clears, we who did survive can summarily address these relatively diminutive elite who had the ability to control resources to help as well as inspire change in the human condition through proper use of the media, but chose instead to deceive and murder the ignorant masses.  Somehow there must be a better way to go.

Barring a solution for our own country, a far more immediate and practical route than such a facility, or the tenuous security of an armored homestead in the woods, however, is to lodge in a country that is not so pandemically stupid, such as the one whose prime minister told the griping Muslims that "we happen to be predominantly Christian here, and if you don't like it, then don't let the door hit you in the ass."   Arguably our society is now so consummately mentally prostrated that any earnest investment to restore it may itself have now become a measure of insanity, fruitless obsession, or the last reflex of a withering corpse.  Is it any wonder that I feel completely lost at the moment residing in a sea of mostly resigned dis-empowered people, sparing the prospect of a tragic resolution to be happy sitting in a corner quietly making origami?

Of course, if the CDC secretly has the cure, then we don't have anything to worry about do we... until the realization that someone decided that only certain people get it, or have gotten it.....  Boys and girls, can you spell genocide?  Can you spell "specious arguments" and "usurped government policy," but this time without the swastika?  I wonder what all the doctors and nurses are thinking about right now.  Are they thinking yet hard enough though?  If this disease does indeed fully manifest, the insuperable catalyst to completely devastate our economy and nation will have been realized.  If the organism develops an airborne character the first to fall will be the tourist industries and festivals, then every other fabric of our society, in disproportionate fear, and the inevitable economic chain reaction that results.   At some point, we won't be able to get out of the country to any desirable place because we will be like Africa, and those smarter countries won't have the scales tipped so precipitously towards treason and flaming bullshit for public affairs and immigration policies.  Consider also, in keeping with general ignorance, how unclean our populace truly is, the idiotic bathroom door handles--after-- you wash your hands, people sneezing with abandon out into the public airways.......and the generally disgusting hygiene of most Americans, if we are willing to admit it to ourselves.  We can say..... oh, the CDC and our new surrogate parent and tit, the government, must be right about the relative ability to contain Ebola and its mutations, but then again let us look at the NRC and governments' performance of the Fukushima matter................ I REST MY CASE!!!  Even if we are somehow so fortunate to see Ebola extinguished, the criminal duplicity so glaringly evident from our official institutions is itself a lethal pathology that must be addressed on its own account.  This is not Obama's fault nor Bush II, as presidents do not set policy, they only parrot it to the public as lightning rods, or better described, red herrings. It is not a Democrat versus Republican issue - it IS NOW A MATTER OF ELIMINATING BOTH tumors from our republic, or else continuing with our chemotherapy.  What a country we now find ourselves in!  Despite her somewhat domesticated position down under the glittering jewels, I still sense a surviving contingent of independence, intelligence and sovereignty, and truly wish I had close friends in Australia, or perhaps that should be my highest priority at the moment.  A bit housebroken is still well preferable to lobotomized, and then...... dead.

I would love to see my friends prove these points wrong, and actually gather with me a shimmering apocalypse against this veil of deception and apathy that smothers the future and intelligently based hopes of our people.


It would behoove the people to investigate the Ebola etiology in terms of its sabotage of ascorbate metabolism - put simply, these hemorrhagic diseases are in essence acute induced scurvy, and a route to survival may be kilogram quantities of vitamin C, administered sufficiently long to allow the body to produce the necessary antibodies it otherwise has insufficient time to develop.  Despite what the CDC may say, there are a number of antiviral compounds such as Lauricidin, Elderberry tea, Bloodroot and Pleuresy Root tinctures, among others.  Dosage and efficacy are not fully established, except that I may say on my own behalf, I have experienced efficacy from all of these, and heroic doses may well be of value in the face of a terrible disease.     Food for thought, I would say.....


To the list of antivirals I might also add thieves oil (topical only) and on the matter of colloidal silver, there may be efficacy to the use of a misting bottle both for topical and inhalation, including mouth and eyes.  Karl taught me to apply the thieves oil to the inside of the nostrils and ear canals and of course the hands and face, being careful not to place them on sensitive tissue such as the eyes and armpits. The silver mist could certainly be applied to the eyes and other sensitive tissues.  Prophylaxis with oral Lauricidin and Elder tea might be recommended to help kill and stop viral replication.  I do not, however, have data on colloidal silver's efficacy against such a virus. 

If this national situation is what it is beginning to look like, it is arguable that the initial status will be mass hysteria once diverse locations are  identified by the media, but then that may soon be followed by the legitimate general hazard, with its 21 day incubation period, quickly overloading medical facilities and then collapsing commerce for an unknown length of time.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)