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Comments on the Climate Change Discussion

SK O'Neal
19 February, 2015

I sent this comment off to an article today on the current cold wave.  A number of the comments are against the climate change argument, and it is evident that confusion on the issue has been fully achieved.

To the Editors, please accept my apologies for the lecture, but some things need to be said about climate issues, if you choose to publish them.

The first order observation is that eastern North America is experiencing extreme cold and high precipitation, which has numerous precedents.  Press sensationalism of the situation is also not new.  What is new is the sustained, comprehensive asymmetry in continental and global weather patterns and the reasons for them, and most people are not observant of this second order term in the equation. Those of us studying real data on global temperature and moisture patterns are aware of the massive classified investments in aerosols and electromagnetic manipulation of moisture and atmospheric conductivity that are the true cause of climate perturbations.  Some of these effects have been used to draw hurricanes into New Orleans and the East Coast by manipulation of electrical conduction paths between the upper atmosphere and earth, steering the storms; these projects include a "social engineering" component as well.  Intra-continental cyclones are also a new phenomenon that began the the 2007 Oklahoma storm, notably quietly anticipated years in advance among certain weather analysts.  Following the revelations on previous temperature overstatements and shoddy data handling in the peer reviewed meteorology community that led to false claims of CO2 greenhouse effects, there has been a systematic campaign to reverse the public impression of climate change status under an accelerated aerosol campaign over the arctic and most notably over the eastern Pacific and eastern U.S., causing the sustained California drought under an artificial high pressure cell, and a diverted circulation through upper Canada and into the mid and eastern U.S. as below normal temperatures.  Some have suggested that this was to divert Fukushima radiation, but this does not appear to be a fully tenable argument.  It is notable however, that significant radiation hot spots were discovered in Toronto and St Louis during the year of the Fukushima disaster.  Considering the hideous scale of damage from the induced drought, the modest reduction in radiation in California and Oregon does not justify the explanation.

As mentioned, the first order term in the statistics of winter weather does not reveal a chi-square result that clearly indicates departure from the norm of weather fluctuations, but continuation of the current manipulation will prove out a clear departure in the mean.

The net effect of the real causes of global climate change is a botched weather manipulation campaign that is now showing up as a slight rise in average global temperatures and a much more marked increase of polar temperatures and ice recession.  These are currently second order effects in the overall behavior of the system, but soon they will become first order.  Again, it is not CO2 in any significant amount, but the aerosols of the geo-engineering programs of the U.S., Russia ad China that are to blame.

As we speak, the methyl-hydrate beds, especially the large reserves under the Arctic Ocean, are starting to boil up, and as the Arctic Ocean becomes exposed to more direct sunlight, the albedo will, within a few years, reach a critical point of auto-circulation feedback in which the currents in the ocean will draw enhanced flow over the methane beds, releasing even more methane.  Methane is orders of magnitude higher in greenhouse effect than CO2, and even a small fraction of current reserves will raise global temperatures above the point that will allow larger animals to survive.  Although not verified, there is serious consideration that the controllers of the geoengineering programs are in a panic, and that they have accelerated aerosol spraying as a stop-gap attempt at local cooling and also as a part of manipulation of water and crop production in the West, and to confuse the American public over the real direction and cause of climactic drift, as they prepare for the precipitous, deadly changes to come.  It is also known that the sun has cooled slightly, but this only further substantiates the effects of deliberate climate manipulation and its gross failure.  Although local effects are cooling and precipitation, the net global effect of geoengineering campaigns is reduction of rainfall and increased temperatures, to be amplified immensely by the methane catastrophe.   To a significant extent, the "bar tab on the Titanic" fiscal policies of the U.S. and nearly every nation drawn along with the game can be explained by the secretly held knowledge that the planet is on the verge of a huge acceleration into a catastrophe, obviating concerns about future debt, and usurping future income of nations for arguably nefarious purposes of survival of a select few.  It is not clear whether the 2010 infarction of the Gulf Stream is a result of manipulation, but it is suspected, and net effect of this is substantial cooling of Northern Europe, another second order effect of changes in global weather patterns.  In summary, the planetary climate mechanism is indeed in turmoil and dangerously near a catastrophe, but due to gross failures of deliberate weather manipulation, and not in any significant part from CO2 production .  The damaging effects of pollution are another matter however.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)