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Comments Regarding the Socioeconomic Effects of Geoengineering

SK O'Neal
21 February, 2015

As we continue to ask ourselves how to partition our resources, including peace of mind, between the trials of daily life and the rising plethora of information indicating Titanic events in the very foundation of our existence on this planet, the requirements for mental discipline and more extreme deliberate disruptions in our lives become monumental.  A contest between bias-to-norm and the pursuit of clear enough data to act is increasingly in play in the thoughts of anyone who is truly conscientious.  The vast majority will retreat (have retreated) into the comfort of wanton ignorance or into the beguiling delusions of positivity netherland babyspeak, and the grip of the Sedona-CIA "consciousness ascension" psy-op, not realizing that the most positive and hip thing one can ever do is sacrifice all for exposure of that truth behind the great curtain of lies, and cross the ocean of ignorance.  All other endeavors are sandcastles before a rising tide.  We continue to examine data on the real climate perturbations and attempt to find a coherent picture of the soul and architecture of those who view mankind and just another usurpable species.  Beyond elucidation of the truth is the ultimate remedy found in the ancient esoteric methods that utilize psychokinesis in its most exquisite forms to manipulate complex material systems under much higher laws of the truly "ascended" consciousness that Langley has only dabbled with, but for the moment, we continue on the subject of our empirical observations:


At bottom is a text extract [2] from Dane Wigington's site, discussing the environmental issue and below it the economic one.  He does cover the matter of the markets, Greece not being allowed to fail as this would expose the real situation, metals not being allowed to rise, the stock market being artificially held up and even banks being told not to mark collateral to true market. 

The undeniable evidence for serious cover-up of climate engineering military and general environmental programs is a perfect match for the clandestine fiscal operations and the suite of arguments relating to geopolitics.   The more learned views of the ISIS operation and the press' strategic pushing of the subject are fully cognizant of their origins within Langley and CFR sources as a means to drive public opinion in the U.S. and Europe for acceptance of pressure against Russian interests in Ukraine and the implications of their success there.  There appears to be a bona fide fracture in global power that the Old Money families are directing U.S. military (and also geoengineering) assets more actively against.  As Wigington points out, the aluminum-barium organometallic aerosol campaign can promptly be adapted to biological weapons that could reduce entire continents to cemeteries, an act that is by no means beyond comprehension in view of our understanding of both history and the quiet priorities in London and elsewhere that have expressed themselves in the millions dead already, and their emblematic destruction of two buildings. 

At personal levels of action, the long sought pragmatic endpoint question we have about how long this game can continue may well be answered specifically by the accuracy of our understanding of the schedule of the ecological disaster and the cadence it sets for socioeconomic policy.  I have also included Dane's latest youtube broadcast on the status of geoengineering issues, including the precise nature of the current winter storm series [1].  Dane had mentioned elsewhere that the time-frame for onset of the more severe ecological instabilities appears to be on the order of ten to twenty years, but it is arguable that onset symptoms on the order of a few years will be sufficient to destroy markets and social order as we know it.  More precise evaluations of this information is needed, for obvious reasons.  Another area of more sophisticated study is needed for the boundary phenomena between nonlinearities in natural and human events and the ecclesiastical visions (prophesies) in both the ordinary and also more obscure texts, that brings us back to the esoteric. 


Below is a link [3] to Linda Howe's site, earthfiles, with a new entry (today) regarding the Roswell crash information release, and also the Utah craft that was left intact.  The implication is that these were not German disc technology but rather interplanetary.  Communication with at least one group of ET's was established in 1947, via one surviving member of the Roswell crash.  This information correlates well with the discussions regarding the CARET technology reverse engineering facility at Palo Alto, and is brought up here as extremely relevant to the overall picture of what is being done to our planet and the mechanics of socioeconomic change we are in the midst of dealing with.

A number of theories and conjectures exist in relation to the ET issue, but what remains is a tremendous vacuum regarding the ethos of those in command of the technological advancements.  As discussed elsewhere, the entire conventional strategic equation regarding international power and economics and the objectives of the controlling families (Old Money) is distorted by the presence of the technological advancements involved, starting with the quietly held nuclear and electromagnetic advancements of Nazi Germany that took harbor in South America and secretly managed the balance of power in the so-called "Cold War."  Certain elements of the ET phenomenon have bearing upon social engineering (manipulation of the public mind), including the possibility of a false-ET phenomenon that must be considered even in the context of this recent data release [4].  Any serious treatment of the future must engage this class of information, its domains of validity, and its consequences.  Some in the literature (not referenced ) have proposed  that earth is being terraformed to suit another species, but this potentially relevant discussion requires considerable substantiation.  For certain, our nuclear arsenals have been obsolete for some decades, and the real balance of global power and agenda are far from transparent, until these advanced subjects are properly vetted and integrated.  An important consideration is the apparent shift of sociological ethos toward existential materialism, an implicitly atheistic foundation, and the emphasis that the ETs are not only involved with our natural history as a species, but are the authors of it.  Some truth may well exist along these lines, but there remains a far more fundamental argument regarding ethos at the base consciousness level of what we know as the spirit world and its supernatural  phenomena that render even ETs and their material technology as degenerate subsets of a greater spiritual reality that includes love and purpose, and a comprehensive ethos for functional limitations for usurpation of free will of all creatures.  Although it is at the edge of the scope of this discussion, it seems worth noting that legitimate unification of the religions and the logical precepts of the sciences is not, in the domain of the highest form of intelligence, reasonably expected to produce a resultant anti-theistic template, but rather shall show the extremely limited universe of our senses, including any technological advancements from other planets.  Various examples of claims of ET communication with humans [5] clearly has indicated that we, despite our limitations, nonetheless possess properties of consciousness and experience not necessarily availed to advanced races, so therefore our hairy barbaric constitutions may indeed hold coupling to fields of information and energies much more nonlinear and refined than one might at first suspect.   The current global crisis may indeed include a battlefront on a higher spiritual level that dwarfs the technological arguments, but has not yet reached criticality.  These comparatively abstract artifacts may well soon translate into fully physical, pragmatic consequences in the near future.


text from

The biosphere is collapsing and the global economy will collapse with it, there is no other possibility. The grand facade of perpetual expansion on a finite planet is at its end, the illusion is unravelling by the day. As the walls of the industrialized civilization crumble, the power structure is desperately trying to carry out multiple agendas with the ongoing climate engineering insanity. First, they are confusing and dividing the US population on the true state of the climate by engineering toxic cool-downs over and over again in the same regions of the eastern US. The corporate media propaganda machine then pumps out constant coverage of the engineered winter events while almost never mentioning the fact that the western US and most of the world is in meltdown. Massive amounts of methane are now entering the atmosphere and the climate engineers are trying desperately to hide the effects of the methane with the very same destructive programs that contributed to causing this unfolding cataclysm in the first place. The constant engineering of weather disasters is also a tool to distract and occupy the public’s attention so they are thus unable to concentrate on the larger picture. California's food production appears to be a target, control the food supply and you control the population. What is most critical is that each and every one of us is being subjected to the constant bombardment of toxic heavy metals and chemicals. Not only does this exposure weaken our immune systems and thus our health, there are neurological factors to consider. To put it bluntly, this exposure is affecting our cognitive function, our ability to think clearly. If we are unable to think clearly, we will have no chance of standing against the power structure for long and they most certainly know this. If we are to have any chance at altering the fate we will face on the current trajectory, the climate engineering/weather warfare/biological warfare must be exposed and halted, every day counts. The collapse of global trade is a glaring harbinger of what is unfolding. As the various forms of collapse (economic and environmental) become impossible to hide from the public, the power brokers will be more dangerous than ever. The article below should be examined and considered. The paradigm we have all known is ending by the day.
Dane Wigington

Collapse Of Global Trade? The Economic And Financial Lies Are Getting Bigger. A Spade Can Never Be Called A Spade!

Source: Global Research, article by Bill Holter

Yesterday we looked at the situations in both Ukraine and Greece, and how they are both out of money which makes them potential “flash points” for reality to set in.  What I’d like to talk about today are the various “slights of hand” and why a spade can never be called a spade.

Currently in the U.S., some (but certainly not all) of the recent economic numbers are showing an absolutely booming economy.  All you need to do is look at Friday’s unemployment numbers, they were clearly bogus.  The biggest driver of employment over the last five years has been the boom in the oil patch …which is now busted with 1,000′s of pink slips being handed out.  BLS revised the November and December numbers to show the fastest growth of employment for any three month period …so far this century!  Really?  Do you believe this in any fashion at all?

The economic and financial lies are getting bigger and bigger while the economy is shrinking and the financial position is more perilous.  The gap between the reality and the true conditions have never before in history been this wide.  Stocks are not allowed to drop, institutions are not allowed to fail, heck, financial institutions have been “told” not to mark to market as this would expose failures.  Inflation is understated, employment is overstated, gold is not allowed to rise and the game continues. Everything you now see and hear has one goal behind it, hide the reality at any and all costs.

The situation with Greece is very sticky for the West for several reasons.  Each and every one of them is because a Greek failure will expose the very ugly reality that the West is one big and interconnected series of Ponzi schemes constructed in pyramid fashion.  Greece cannot be allowed to fail because of what, how much, and who they owe.  In order for the reality to stay hidden, Greece absolutely must be forced to borrow more money so they have the ability to pay past debts.  Already this morning, a six month “trial balloon” extension has been floated.  If Greece is allowed to fail, other central banks (including and particularly the ECB) and many commercial banks will take some very real losses.  This CANNOT be allowed to happen because of the leverage factor and the fact that no more collateral exists within the system that’s not already encumbered.

You see, many assets have been hypothecated (lent/borrowed against) many times over, including Greek debt.  In case you don’t see the problem here, I will spell it out.  When something is “lent” out or “borrowed” more than one time, it is theft pure and simple.  This truth cannot in any fashion come to the surface because it will create a “call”.  The original owners will flood in and ask for their security, their asset, (think gold) back.  What do you think the world will look like when 100 or so “owners” of the same asset decide they will not be one of the suckers who are left with nothing?  This will be a bank run on a system-wide basis and include nearly any asset type you can think of.

The following analogy sums it up pretty well I believe.  This game works well …for a “while”.  It works “while” everyone is confident and no one asks any questions.  It works while no one at the poker table decides to cash in and leave with their chips.  It works well for as long as no one believes anyone else is cheating.  Actually, it even works when everyone knows that everyone else is cheating …as long as everyone is winning.  The problems begin when people start asking questions.  Questions begin when people start to lose money.  The answers are brutally ugly when discovered so it is imperative that no questions are allowed to be asked… and this is where we are today.  This is exactly what “official policy” is today.

The Chinese, the Russians, The BRICS nations and 135 other nations tagging along ALL know what the “answers” are.  They fully understand the casino is 100% rigged.  They understand that everything of value has already been borrowed against and in many instances, several times over.  This is why there have been so many trade and currency deals signed over the last year and a half …without U.S. involvement, approval or even “dollars”.

My personal opinion is this, a spade will very soon be exposed as the spade it is and all the theft, corruption and intentional fraud will be uncovered.  The relevant event could be anything.  It could be Greece failing to pay, leaving the EU or even being kicked out.  It could be a local currency blowing up which bankrupts someone in derivatives.  It could be the failure of a debt auction somewhere in the world.  It could be something already well known or not.  It could be a war.  It could come from the West or the East, and it could be an accident or even an intentional event.  It doesn’t matter “why”, the event is coming.  The event is coming because everyone knows that everyone knows the system is fraudulent.

Please don’t reply to me saying “no, not everyone knows, the sheeple are as asleep as always”.  I am talking about “countries”.  I am talking about the players that count.  The East et al absolutely knows they are dealing and trading in a lopsided and unfair system.  They know the West is massively leveraged and has been dealing unfairly for many years.  Even Western countries know this to be true, for example, why are countries repatriating their gold?  Because they hope there is enough still in the vault to cover what they originally deposited.  Like I said, everyone knows that everyone knows.

As mentioned yesterday, it is my opinion the East would prefer to allow the West’s failure to occur ”naturally” and not force the issue.  Time alone will do this.  The U.S. has been pushing for war at every turn.  A war will be pointed at as “the reason” everything failed.  A war will also be used to cover the tracks of the fraud.  This is not new thought and only the way it has always been.  Distract, pretend, and extend!

If you believe the meme of “recovery” or “growth”, all you need to do is look at this.  The Baltic dry index has just dropped to ALL-TIME lows!  This index is very basic and when broken down reflects the state of global trade.  Global trade has collapsed since the 2008 crisis began, unlike ever before.

courtesy Zerohedge​

This, after huge global deficit spending and monetization.  “Magic Policy” which we were assured would cure all ills has failed miserably and no amount of bogus economic reports can mask this fact.

Expect out of control markets, unimaginable financial failures and ultimately a breakdown of distribution and society itself.  The truth is, we have lived in financial fantasyland since 2007.  2008 came along, markets collapsed and the reset which should have occurred was aborted …only to become a much bigger and far more painful “inevitable” event now.  More debt, more money supply and of course less gold in Western vaults.  We in the West have spent, frittered, and given away 100′s of years worth of labor and savings of our forefathers.  This in an effort to resist living within our means and calling a spade a spade.  Spades are almost all that is left, all the other suits have been spent, lent and borrowed 100+ times over!


[3]    Part 2: Beyond Podesta's Tweet to Some Important Leaked UFO Documents
        Part 1: Beyond Podesta's Tweet to Some Important Leaked UFO Documents

[4]  see William Lynne, "Space Aliens From the Pentagon," that includes a chapter discussing the Roswell crash in terms of a hoax and shaved monkeys with died skin.  This is consistent with the Von Braun assertion of a false-ET hoax at a later date, but all is not yet conclusive.  Other ET technology and information is pending.

[5] in addition to Linda Howe's investigation of the Bentwaters revelations, the Andrija Puharich biographical on Uri Geller "Uri - The Story of Uri Geller," is worth noting in this context.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)