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Deus ad Scriptus (Day of the Mark)

Mr. SK  O'Neal on 11 October, 2014

The day of where you stand to be counted, whether by considered choice or by stupidity, is fast approaching.  Those who, through mental sloth or by secret compromise, still think or peddle the belief that the government is being allowed to act in the true interest of the people are now the greatest threat to our freedom and character as Americans and as the sovereign human beings our forefathers invested their blood for..  This may well be the false flag long expected, riding upon the pale steed of a semi-legitimate threat, itself fomented by several avenues of deliberate exposure of our population by culpable execution of government policy and occult agenda, but in reality far more dangerous than any plague or posterboard enemy could ever be.  Under the prospect that one might not be able to travel, "buy a pizza," do anything at all except withdraw into the wilderness, without the vaccination bleu schein and its various equivalent instruments, allow me to urge you now to understand the many ways that the Mark of Mephistopheles may be delivered onto the people, and that its embryonic prelude, most recently manifested either as mesmerised obedience to the State or else a one way ticket to Auschwitz, becomes the dividing of the way for those who most cherish flesh and those who most cherish spirit.

All evil cast skillfully onto the people will not be at direct face value, but under the silken tongue of necessity and especially......   under the flag of fear.  And those who, in their own quiet assessment of wisdom, simply attempt to outlive the fall of Babylon will find in the end that they cannot escape its long, mortal shadow, and that it has ultimately fallen upon them.  We do not come into this world to be separate and wise, but rather to engage each other in the search for truth, and to discover that between our connected hearts, the Apocalypse is a realization more between men than simply within them, and one that never truly dies.  Flee to the wilderness if you might keep your hands clean, but be prepared to help others, and to bear witness to the truth when it is your time, as that duty is not optional for one who loves God and all his people.

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