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The Days of Pompeii and Berlin

SK O'Neal
24 June, 2014

Study this article today from Dave Hodges. Few are concise as this on the matter of what really controls politics and nations - including our own. In similar fashion, N. Tesla was ruined by JP Morgan and Rockefeller chiefly because his electrical experiment would have revealed a massive untapped energy source that would have overshadowed oil and coal, and this had to be scuttled. The experiment was repeated about a decade or so ago and drew such a powerful surge of power from the ionosphere that it blew out the northeast grid. The cover story was an animal shorted a switch and this cascaded into a regional grid failure - ridiculous, of course, but the public will believe most anything if if comes from an authority.

On the cancer matter, it is also notable that Bob Marley, well known for his lyrics to set the people free from the same bankers, died of a peculiar form of aggressive cancer, strongly suggested to be an assassination. Martin L. King received his agency bullet in Memphis for his efforts that were leading very shortly to a freedom march at the Capitol. The Kennedys were likewise neutralized by the Agency who, like the Pentagon, IRS and other parties, ultimately answer to the financiers who quietly own all real national and international agenda. For those who still live in naive retreat from such realities, remember that the same approach did not work well in Pompeii or in 1939 Berlin. Whether a person likes it or not or knows it or not, America is no more or less blessed, but will soon see its fate sealed in terms of either its awareness of the truth or its ignorance of it. We are soon to no longer be the socioeconomic beneficiaries of the chosen enforcement arm of the Rothschild&Co. global interests, and the illusion that we elect or representation and that they act at all in our true interests will very shortly be shattered forever.

I pity those who do care enough to study the truth of these matters, and although I understand how they do not wish to be bothered by all of this, it nonetheless remains that all they have sweat for and all the enduring quiet resentments they carry for having obediently followed the rules set down for them, will fruitlessly perish along with the futures of their children who are cultivated into the same complacent mentality. Such is the nature of implicit slavery. But then again, the agonies of the earlier tribes, their hair cut and customs forbidden in the face of a flag, bible and barrel of a rifle, are yet to witness their karmic equilibrium on this continent. The current southern influx may well be a part of this What a pity that our nation, after all the resources blasted from the earth to garner its proud columns of presumed justice, should fall under such circumstances. But this is nothing new. I, for one, and in all humility for those sacrifices made by great men, have a proposal for that new thing, but it remains to be seen if I shall ever have the chance to foment it in this lifetime, in a nation tearing apart as we speak.

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