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The Manifestation of WWIII

SK O'Neal
16 June, 2014

Note this article at - also look down through the comments. So many people are insanely vicious today. It would appear the we are likely to either fall into nuclear war or be scared into submitting to something even worse than such a war. On and on the the talk shows churn in antithesis to the company store newspaper, each doing their little part to awaken a stubborn populace as the train roars toward the fallen bridge. I believe that the primary defect with the current phase of "preparation evangelism" is the illusion that our paltry scattering of individual or small-group survival preparations will somehow manifest our redemption by sheltering us to the other side of a cataclysm. Much of this may well reside in the implicit psychology of raptural theologies that, in spite of our food stores, places the entire burden of change on God, instead of upon the changes within our attitudes toward one another, subconsciously rendering our future as condemned because we are refractory sinners, unchangeable in the flesh. Prepare we must do, but there is more - more even than simple "spiritual" preparation within each of us. We are here on this little blue planet to engage one another, and learn to do so ---cooperatively---, not competitively as the merchant bankers have long taught, and win our future that way.

What is missing is the foundation of a true revolution in ethos and human norms led by the men who can catalyze such things on occasion throughout the centuries. Such men, in their true colours, dash the tables of the moneychangers, castigate the authorities for stale norms of obedience to the stone tablets of church and state, and somehow reveal once again our obligations to each other, all the time rejecting the temptation of placing such news in their own names, or glorifying themselves. Such men are rare indeed, but not non-existent. How long will twenty thousand little Wacos and Ruby Ridges hold out, when all out martial law is set? How much longer can I even dare to propose such philosophies before our own burgeoning neuvo-Gestapo reaches puberty? Not only can men change, but even our patterns of redemption can evolve, if only more than a precious few saw over the ridges that surround us.

Must we endure the third Antichrist spoken of and being carried into self-fulfilled prophesy, or can we possibly now see that it is not God's will being tested here but our own? For the atheist, such questions may be moot, until he realizes that he cannot begin to explain where he came from either, or why. Who will now step up, to turn the tables in an era in which good shall be called evil and evil good, to light the flame of simple truths of the heavenly realms, that apply equally here as well? Will our cleansing be the odic flame or the nuclear fire?

Peace and Patchouli to All,
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