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Ode to the GENDERbread Man

Mr. SK  O'Neal on 08 October, 2014

Per subject - article [at] InfoWars.   It is one thing to have an open and unconventional mind concerning human affairs, or, for instance, to consider legitimacy in certain aspects of ancient Greek sexuality, but now we see the consummated defilement of even the "unconventional," that even dwarfs the culture-breaking doctrines of the heirloom Prussian Educational System.  The specific insanities of what is going on scarcely needs editorial from me.  But the solution......

    It would seem, for one who loathes wasting his time, that two practical responses to this situation exist, to include even as well those who have relatively broad tolerances in their views of sexuality - a) very quietly leave the unstable social engineering experiment we still call the United States, to join a long list of wealthier and intelligent people who already have taken their investments and brains to relative safety, or b) establish, in addition to existing alternative schooling and social structures, a powerful concurrent society and commodity-backed currency and labor exchange much in the same spirit as that envisioned in the sixties, but with brains, teeth, balance with traditional wisdom, and an organization powerful enough to resist and ultimately disenfranchise the existing false authorities who are, in reality, a persistent strain of organized crime now hiding their cocaine and sordid treasons behind marble columns, riveted aluminum, and the hopeless distraction of a false-dichotomy between erogenous liberalism and the semi-transparent veneer of conservatism.

   Only as such realizations precipitously abandon the temporary safety of whispering, resigned objections can we establish a truly tolerant and prosperous society that does not blow about with every puff of suggestion and sub-Rosa agenda.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)