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Review of Strategic Conflicts

SK O'Neal
2 December 2014

    An article on Infowars[1] brings to mind a number of considerations, but arguably condenses in large part to one question - are we seeing a bona-fide prelude to World War Three, or is this just another round of bluff and tuff brinkmanship to re-affirm who is actually running the world?  This area of discussion has been touched upon before, but deserves review.  Behind this simpler question is the real quandary - will Putin and his BRIC cohorts actually break away from the Rothschild dynasty, under a genuine willingness, if necessary, to use nuclear war, or is the current military show another round of expensive origami that will again resolve into the controlling hand of war - money?

   Completely sidestepping considerations about our society's ability to withstand a nuclear war, the issue at hand is the likelihood, all other matters notwithstanding, that we might end up in one.  There is much to suggest that we are about to experience the complementary analogue to the Cuban Missile Crisis in Ukraine and elsewhere, but there exist differences between ethos and technical volatility of today versus 1963.  Khrushchev is quoted as saying[2] that he first heard about development of thermonuclear explosives when he assumed office and at first he could not sleep - until he suddenly realized that these weapons could never be used.  No doubt, Kennedy was not attracted to the idea of such a war.  Technically speaking, Khrushchev is not entirely correct from two standpoints - first, such a view does not in all cases preclude an accidental conflagration and full escalation, and second, in the event that an enemy is sufficiently sabotaged, a modest number of detonations could be used for a strategic victory, especially when a surprisingly small number of deployments can effectively devastate a nation without producing an overwhelming amount of physical destruction.  Also relevant is the fact that the number of detonations performed for atomic testing already number in the thousands[3], with the implication that a pragmatic post-war strategic picture could withstand this number from a radiological perspective.  Some theses suggest that certain prominent families have been of the mindset that a nuclear war would be desirable[4], but these families have had underground facilities for many decades now, and there are a few questions about their attitude toward mankind.  It is arguable that this attitude had attained dominance in the same stratum of society under a more generalized concept of eugenics and population control, expressing itself in such places (I have mentioned in other discussions) as the Cobden Club recommendations to the UN in 1991[5].  Such recommendations are not, of course, couched in their candid terms but are always stated in the cadence of lofty ideals.  So too, did Hitler, and the current presidential directives laying in wait used the same carbon paper.   These ideals, when decomposed into their ethical and psychological components, are the socio-pathology of brilliant minds operating in existential logic, but immaculately sterilized of any concept of higher order consciousness variously referred to as "spiritual," or in any way inspired from a higher source than themselves.  We see this philosophy in spades in the recent discussion about the new Illuminati web site [6].   An exception, a hybrid, is the realm of complex intermediates such as Scientology and Urantinism, that do appeal to "higher" orders of thought and reality, but stop short, either in the technical frontier of the extraterrestrial advancements or in the false ceiling of half-baked esoterics, of the unlimited world of full spiritual receptiveness.  That the state of enlightenment and its class of ethos at these higher realms does not map uniquely and deductively from the physical experience of our earthly senses is mathematically evident at elementary levels, and forms the cornerstone of the argument that this neuvo-Greco romance with technology will be short-lived, but of course also possibly catastrophic, as it falls from its throne. 

    A curious but relevantly illustrative physical analogue is the development of the Sloika (Russian Layer Cake) thermonuclear bomb, an ingenious design by Andrei Sakharov employing lithium deuteride layers between fissile shells, producing a deliverable thermonuclear explosive several dozen times larger than the existing Los Alamos and German designs used on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, respectively.  It is also interesting to note that Russia achieved this higher yield weapon before the United States, that was struggling over Teller's liquid deuterium Mike shots, far too heavy and technically impractical to deliver.  Filtered X-ray radiation implosion and the concept of an unlimited thermonuclear detonation wave came a little later, offering any yield size would permit, using lithium and deuterium.  The curious analogue is the state we are in at the moment, in which there are excursions into the esoteric physical and socio-spiritual phenomena, but for sure, the "unlimited" condition has not been achieved.  This leaves us in the most dangerous position of "partial knowledge," the most dangerous class of  weapon.

    An even more ominous situation exists in the leadership of our country, not only in its incongruent priorities that routinely tear through the Pentagon, but by the normalization of corruption, the new "corporate culture"[7] of every agency in our government.  This "culture" does not originate with the Obama administration, but is the outgrowth of a long term emasculation off the United States that spans far beyond military matters to include a broad conditioning of America's population for retirement from dominance in world military and economic power, and from their role as dominant consumers.  The baby boomer demographics only worsen the sociological equation, with the immigration dilemma being nothing but backfill to compensate for loss in collateral birthrate to support monetary growth and the debt structure that feeds upon it[8].  In their own turn, all notable events of the last two-plus decades, whether 911, Sandy Hook, Ferguson and its terrible sequelum, are controlled cultural demolition of the U.S., as socio-psychological manipulations to implement a massive realignment of world industrial power and the role of the general population relative to the controlling families.  Most relevant to this discussion is the willingness of the perpetrators, themselves historical  prodigies of the most dreadful pedigrees of carnage, have not the slightest qualm about killing several thousand in two tall buildings, but carry the systemic philosophy that genocide, most often with a chocolate coating, is not only acceptable, but desirable.    For such reasons I am concerned that a limited thermonuclear war is modestly likely.  But far worse, there are mechanisms to achieve the same result or greater through more subtle avenues.  Ebola, and its cousins, are examples.  The grid-failure scenario is complicated by several opposing views.  A conventional "us-versus-them" situation would suggest an attack on our grid using EMP, coordinated sabotage. or possibly cyber, which both Russia and China are particularly capable of.  The latter argument may not, ironically due to its archaic structure, render our grid as vulnerable as some may think, but the first two, especially an attack on several hundred points of the grid using conventional methods, offers the prospect of the most efficient genocidal operation in history.  That the American people are highly cultivated sitting ducks for this is no accident.  That they are sitting ducks for a good many things is no accident.  

    Manipulation of oil prices appears to be a significant indicator of polarization of major world players, with Russia on the receiving end of an effort to limit its ability to finance projection of power[10].  The Saudi family, a long standing member of Western geopolitical power, has drastically lowered oil prices, forcing other nations with higher cost bases of oil production to become unprofitable, notably including Russia.  Interestingly, this also includes North American shale oil, and it is arguable that the executive branch foot-dragging with the Keystone pipeline project could be a reflection of a strategic plan to drop oil prices in order to limit Russia's influence, during which time period the Keystone project would not be profitable.   Such a theory would also indicate that oil prices will stay low for a significant time-frame.  This is also consistent with the prevailing consensus among financial analysts that we are entering a substantial deflationary period, but the new term in this equation would then be that this deflationary turn is being driven by a strategic depression of oil prices in order to prostrate Russian military expansion.   If this is indeed the case, then the pressure for military conflict increases, both from the urgency of the Russian need to resolve the fiscal imbalance, and also from the perspective that the power struggle between Russia and the West is quite real, and not simply an anecdote riding on a controlling horse.  Putin must, of course, patronize Western banks and their world order to receive payment, but if the basis for such payment reaches a defacto end, then the potential for military resolution increases dramatically.   Such a conflict does not necessarily have to resolve into general world war, as the potential to sabotage oil flow using clandestine operations to disrupt oil commerce will logically become high - by far the cheapest solution for Russia.  Any operation that destabilizes the Middle East will achieve this effect, including serious provocation of Israel.   It is best to again consider the initial conflict in Syria[12],[13],[14],[15], and the gas pipeline issue, that was a proxy conflict between Russian gas interests and Western control in the area.  In the background remains the greater strategic plan for North Africa and Lower Asia that has been on the Langley drawing boards for decades - the  destabilization of these areas, leading to the ultimate conquering of the ancient Persian Empire and Babylon.  Secret occult rationales and economic pressures have favored this operation by the West, and it is well to consider that the primary target of acquisition during the first Iraq war was an archaeological site.  The capture of Saddam Hussein, the ostensive icon of pretext, was left untouched, to become another pretext, two-in-one, for a second invasion after the 911 operation, also on CIA drawing boards as early as the seventies[11].   The chief question now is whether the long established power struggle, in particular the containment of Russia by the Inner City of London, will remain in a perpetual state of arrested brinkmanship, or whether we are entering a qualitatively new state of world power, becoming inherently unstable.  It is arguable that the shift from America's industrial dominance to cheaper lab our in the Far East did not occur as a natural happenstance, and that the world's financial elite have a plan to preserve their positions.  Despite the Rothschild doctrine of periodically destroying nations and peoples, and then profiting from them, the risk of a global thermonuclear conflict is not a logical option.  But we do have the eugenics philosophies so evident at many levels as well as written literally in stone.   The overtly destructive programs of genocide must then be replaced with more precise ones, either biological weapons, mortality from destruction of critical infrastructure, or with advanced weapons such as directed energy.   There is little evidence to suggest that the world view from the top includes the enlightenment and welfare of the population at large, but rather very much the converse.   Putin's position in all of this, while having the superficial patina of a rogue champion, is scarcely a Saviour, as he is a fully vetted don of a most treacherous family of organized crime.  What we appear to have at the moment is a contest between the traditional world class crime families, but now without all of the technical and philosophical constraints of previous decades.  The relative potential for nuclear war can be argued both directions, but the potential for unconventional war on humanity, in many ways already well underway, would appear to approach the realm of inevitable.  The point of greatest leverage between risk and effect appears to be the disruption of oil supplies to the West. 
    The mechanics of global power brokerage is arguably opaque, leaving us with some uncertainties over the degree to which instabilities from global polarization may exceed the intended order of its masters.  Indeed, historically, the Cold War, as discussed elsewhere, was a carefully balanced control of technological power by the Nazis and their cohorts in the U.S., dispensing advancements to keep both the Soviets and U.S. from monopolizing power.  If such a stabilizing factor has been vestigilaised or is absent, then we are faced with the question of whether the Rothschild group has enough leverage, infiltration and secret collateral in Russian and Chinese interests to persuade Putin&Co to play along with the prima facie NWO game.  It is unsettling to consider that such a situation should not be expected to garner such huge Russian and Chinese military investments, which are rather obviously coordinated now, an historic anomaly.  It is notable that the Germans sent the Auschwitz uranium to the U.S. to keep their arch enemy, the Russians, from holding too much post-war power, and that the cooperation between Russia and China has a similar flavor.  It is arguable that there is no singular overwhelming center of control over the developing economic and war theatres, and that a departure from historical norms may occur.   In addition, we are aware of the predilection of the ruling families for genocide, and that they certainly have not been opposed to massively destructive wars in the past.  Arguments suggesting that they would not want to damage physical collateral are moderated by this situation.  The financial simile is well understood under the Rothschild principle of war and profit, and JP Morgan's deliberately crashing markets and sweeping up control of vulnerable parties, as we saw in 1907, and also more recently in the MF Global, the Comex, and elsewhere yet to be seen.  Emblematic and endemic to this arena is the most excrable, unsavory and functionally superficial commander in chief in our nation's history, coupled with a pathetic and so ironically fawning public comprehension, and an attendant and flagrant emasculation of original nation and principle and the mechanisms to defend them.    The final appraisal of these considerations will reside in improved information on the status of control over the world power shift now well underway, but such seems devoid of the restraint that may have saved the world in 1963.  One remaining avenue awaits - extraterrestrial involvement in avoiding world war in the Mid-East in the early seventies, and its implications now.  With such considerations are questions about a more novel hand in the future of mankind's affairs, and also the existence of weaponry well beyond the power of nuclear explosives.  With this we must also consider the role of a "false ET" event specifically predicted by the late Werner Von Braun.  Apart from the nebulous picture these additions create, there remains the common denominator of gross manipulation of the public mind, and its departure from genuinely enlightened avenues that inspire virtue and sovereignty in every individual as the general sociological solution, rather than submission to necessity, centralized power, and the offering of yet another Volkswagen.


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