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Spiritual Decline

SK O'Neal
13 December, 2014

The ancient Greeks went through the same conversion to pragmatic materialism, departing from, in their case, polytheistic religions to worship the sensory evidential world of the physical earth [1][2].

 Atrophy of a more intuitive form of intelligence to a lower order pragmatic one is part of the natural entropic tendency of the physical body to overwhelm and degrade the more rarefied senses, with the attendant mathematical and perceptual degeneracy associated with the limitation of our affairs to the domain of Maxwell's equations, as the prominent feature of every dark age.  Complicating this situation are the doctrines and iniquities of the many churches who lose themselves within secular digressions and centralized power that potentates human weaknesses into pontificated policies, including the ecclesiastically ironic programmes our government is now drafting clergy into.

The pendulum of  religion, much like those of social norms, swings between extremes of oppressive religious inquisition and the loud report of materialism.  Moderation and balance are rarely achieved.  When the Pharisees asked Jesus about the impropriety of putting oneself to work to get a goat out of a pit on the Sabbath, it was Jesus who said that it only makes sense to get it out, and that the Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. 

 As long as our nation is under the insidious spreading shadow of deliberate dis-education and beguiled by the facile inducements of pharmaceutical snake oils and pelletised repast reserved for rodents and livestock, few will have even the feeble mental horsepower or capacity for motive impulse to engage even elementary common sense, let alone the stuff that saves nations from tyranny, and so we will perpetually flagellate in each changing season's wind of frustrated ignorance and social inequity.  The Greeks, unlike us, had the best of nutrition, but even so, floundered upon the subtle limitations of their material ambitions in the esoteric East, as so, in our own confused theater, shall we.


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