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Strategic Dynamics Related to the Ukraine Situation

SK O'Neal
23 February, 2015

Yesterday's Greg Hunter interview with John Brown, adviser to Margaret Thatcher, is exceptionally relevant [1].  Rather than Cuba as John Brown says, I prefer to make the analogue that Ukraine is Russia's "Texas."   I have discussed on several occasions questions about Putin's realities relative to the insidious penetration of Old Money (OM) family business into the Kremlin, and the role this may play in the disposition of Russian interests and its direction in terms of future world power.  Unless there is an outright western banking controlling hand in the Kremlin, it is logical to consider that there is a finite level of pressure from the West, or threshold, defining the point at which Russia will make a transition to a posture of conflict with the West.  Brown makes the point that Ukraine is ultimately critical to Russian strategic interests, and that any real challenge from the West will result in terminal military escalation to the point of western defeat or else nuclear confrontation.  If, on the other hand, the Kremlin is sufficiently penetrated, then we will see either capitulation of the last active and substantial resistance to the Rothschild and associated dynasties, or else a bloody revolt in Russia, and severe global instability.  Our precedent is the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, that was part of the major central banking changes in the West, the first war with the Germans, and the elimination of the Romanov resistance to the Western central banking program.  In spite of some complicity from Stalin, Russia remained a reluctant bride, and it is arguable that Western investment in the German Socialist Movement (Hitler) was coordinated as a hedge against the Russian geographic advantage in Europe.  This situation leads to a second consideration....

A dynamic that is difficult to sort out is the modern position of Germany.  For centuries the Germans and Russians have been cultural nemeses.  The decision by Boorman to divert the Japan-bound I.G. Farben-Auschwitz enriched uranium [2] to the U.S. in June of 1945 was one of the first technological manipulations of post-war power balance in which the Germans (in operational exile in South America) prevented Russian dominance.  I have pointed out elsewhere [3] the real situation of the Cold War and its visible anecdotes.  The German "third party" control of post war balance of power may indeed have eroded due to technological advancements associated with extraterrestrial communications.   Today, as Brown mentions, the Germans have a substantial portion of their trade with Russia that is being encumbered by western embargoes.  These embargoes are of course related to the economic pressure being put on Putin, which in turn are designed to prostrate Putin's military objectives in Ukraine, those in turn being an effort to garner Russian strategic economic interests intended by Russia to remain independent of western O.M. control.  What is not clear is whether Germany will now dance with its powerful neighbor or whether it will maintain its traditional alignment.  Along with this argument is the question of whether the German government will act in genuine German interests, or simply pretend to, and quietly respond to O.M. extortion as is the case in the U.S.  At the moment there is considerable flight into the American dollar as nations and currencies falter, and this deluge of defaulting reflexes has not yet asked the question of whether there will be a major change in world power, or perhaps war.  Brown's discussion has the demeanor of true candor, and suggests that state level of strategic discussion may not be availed of the true agenda of power among the banks of the international merchants, the Old Money.  This would also explain the massive confusion to the point of stupidity evident among members of the U.S. government.  The Agenda 21 objectives, and the associated plethora of campaigns such as the North American Union (et al) clearly indicate, however, the insidious intent to emasculate sovereign state power, not only for those nations who resisted the petrodollar such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, but all nations.     

Brown also makes the interesting point, beyond the conventional discussion that Greek default will cause unacceptable debt loading on the Eurozone, that NATO cannot afford to lose Greece to the communists (Russia), as this would avail them of a major port facility.  It is arguable that NATO's entire foundational purpose is economic containment of Russia to maintain the Old World banking families' position of control.  Reduction of world affairs to its common denominator, military and monetary policy, are exquisitely coordinated expressions of the same global controlling interests, under a facade of waning legitimacy for individual national and cultural identities.   

In the afterglow of recent discussions regarding environmental catastrophes, the entire discussion is transformed to the consideration of end-game logistics by the elite families who are deliberately confusing entire governments and populations about the real situation, and preparing themselves for a design-basis catastrophe that will render the current socioeconomic affairs quite irrelevant.  The real issue that should be discussed is the obsolescence of a world power structure and its clueless national governments relationship with to the needs of the peoples of the planet.  Indeed, the eugenics agenda and their O.M banking superstructure, whether we are speaking of their prototypes in Nazi Germany's "racial hygiene" campaign and its precedents in the 1907 Indiana sterilization policy and other Western eugenic programs, or the modernized version in play today and emblemised on the Georgia Guidestones, must either be submitted to by a consummately enslaved population, or be destroyed.  The  American people, the Russian people, the Chinese, Brazilians, Bulgarians, all the peoples, must now identify their true enemies, who are not each other, but the elite self-crowned vicars of false gods, that inbred illness of mind and soul that has its priorities in things that are antithetical to every purpose of life and its contribution to spiritual growth of every individual beyond the degenerate algorithms of the physical world.  Our willingness to default to comfortable ignorance and to allow such a thing to grow unchecked in our midst is the true "sin" of man, and its harvest is most bitter.  Governments are no longer capable, and the banking system has never been in the spirit, of acting in the greater interests of the peoples of the earth, but systematically makes them enemies of each other, unwittingly exhausting crucial resources of civilization's advancements, and sending their sons to die and be maimed in conflicts of financial interests under flags of false strife.  There is a possibility that Putin, a master in his own KGB arena, will at some point arrange the murder of the Western agents in his government as Stalin did, but unlike Stalin, take world power to a new form of division that, if necessary, nuclear explosives will decide the future of.  Such things will occur in their own Russian krystalnacht, against an Old World Order that paints itself with a deception of "New."

One last matter is the spiritual equation, so often defaulted to the action of angels, and not the men and societies who must test their own wills and quality of purpose.  The real answer to all of this is the rise of true leaders of the peoples who can resonate and chain react mens' hearts through inspiration and not coercion, if only the fear associated with material possessions will momentarily step aside to view the greater profit.  So great is our potential for a refined civilization, for want of a little change in mens' hearts, but we are also warned of the false light as well, its anti-Christ, but oh so easily recognized by its promise of material safety, and not the commitment of love between all men of all nations, to finally reject the tables of the moneychangers.  The extra-planetary involvement must be factored in as well, and this presents a dilemma regarding ethos of our greater community in the material world versus that of the higher order world that the existential materialists dare not admit.


[2]    see Carter Hydrick, "Critical Mass"

[3]    see discussions of Reagan's visit to Germany and the acquisition of chemical laser technology, prior articles SKONeal, on℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)