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The Corporate Closer

SK O'Neal
28 June, 2014

Another barn-burner this morning from Hodges.  A central concern in the background of all of this is the concept of how UN operations on American soil can even be possible. This stems from the concept of what I have always terms the "corporate closer." The executives of many large firms receive compensation far in excess of their fiscal worth to the company, and this money is drawn from the corporate coffers. What in reality is going on is that the executives belong to a fraternal order that controls the operation and destiny of these companies. Bohemian Grove is but one example of the indoctrination and control mechanism in that order, and has the function of placing these men, inluding many prominent politicians who participate, in compromising situations that not only has the effect of induction and brainwashing, but makes them routinely subject to blackmail. The intelligence agencies prefer controllable men as well, who have vices and other vulnerabilities such as families and financial interests they don't want to see destroyed. This is, of course, how the mobs have operated for untold centuries.

The "closers" are men, and now occasionally women under the facade of EEO empowerment sociology, who are placed into corporate executive positions to preach "center of excellence" and "sacrifice for the good of the company," all the while they have but one goal - to open the company to hostile takeover or remit it into abolishment and legalized failure to perform on its retirement commitments. Certain industries are retired from the global plan this way, including their labor bases. The key concept to know here is that nations are corporations in identical fashion, under Maritime Admiralty Law, and are handled, along with their populations who are but labour resources, in precisely the same way as ordinary corporations in the the greater plan. Elections are entirely a facade as well, and only very rarely does one reach a position of significant public service or corporate power without being carefully vetted by the merchantry that controls the Law of Water. Presidential candidates certainly are vetted, and any research consistently leads to a visit to the Bilderberg meetings. Obama is no exception to this but has the distinction of having an incredibly obscure pedigree that would never have withstood customary scrutiny except that the politicians and their staffs are themselves so fully vetted into the mob structure that now governs our affairs that no one in a position of definitive authority dares to come into the light on the matter. Obama is a closer. When outcries about UN invasion into our internal affairs on our own soil are made, the quiet control of Pentagon policy by the closer will simply neutralize any normal channels of resistance that define the very core of our national defense. On the financial side, like corporate restructuring, our nation's government has been placed upon an irrevocable path to fail to perform on its retirement obligations in like form. This is expected, at zero time for the next large 911 class of operation, to foment massive civil unrest. This unrest, while being categorically undesirable on any terms of normal society, is quite desirable from the point of view of the global controllers who then will have the ideal pretext to use UN troops, in particular their Russian and Chinese counterparts, to lock down our nation, cutting off food and communications. The possibility of this is most substantial, but most will, at best, react to the concept with a resolution to go down shooting if this comes to their house. This is a formula for total failure, and the people will be picked off one by one, family by family, until all that is left are the oven-tenders and brainwashed men. This was Nazi Germany.

In medical simile, our nation is immuno-compromised by closers who are, in reality, committing high treason against the interests of our sovereign nation and its people, in the interests of global social engineering that intends to destroy both national and personal sovereignty. In short, our own military and police forces are being used against us, under specious arguments of necessity, themselves products of insidious manipulations such as, for instance, an emasculated border policy. Many now fit the definition of zombie, and one must begin to wonder about the threshold of classification in their imminent transition from man to machine.

Apparently treason is now in vogue, and nothing will be done about it. Sadly, I must witness this evisceration of a nation from the eclectic decorum of my hippie environs, hoping to God that the esoteric practices I may soon engage in earnest are not but another Ghost Dance. Soon enough, I'm afraid, we will have another round at Sand Creek and Wounded Knee, this time with a greater selection of skin colors. There are, however, other more highly developed procedures of spiritual merit that can lay down entire armies using methods both lethal and non-lethal, but this discussion is out of scope for the moment. Our hope is not with any traditional mechanism of revolt, or with salvation in extraterrestrials, but in communication with our friends far beyond that, who, graduated from the flesh, cherish every life in every venue as equally precious. From there, the illusions of power held by the likes of the Bilderbergs will meet the Odic Flame, and, if they resolve to remain within the confines of their self-centered philosophy, axiomatically perish by their own hand before the ultimate energies that mutual love can bring to mankind. I shall wear a flower in my hair for the enlightenment of them, who are the most tormented, spiritually immature, and powerless of all. Again, men who know real power do not seek it.

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