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What to Do After You Install a Solar Power System on Your Home

You have installed a solar power system in your home. Now what?

With your new system in place, it is time to figure out how much you are saving, reassess the suitability of your new sun-powered system, and of course, brag about your energy savings and environmental savvy to anyone who will listen!

Immediate Benefits: Comparing Your Savings and Power Production on Your Power Bill

Savings Power Bills

Before you put in your PV panels, you will have spent a good deal of time learning about your power usage and your energy costs. When you are installing home solar systems, the amount of energy you use, as reflected on your electric bill, determines the size of the solar power system you need to invest in.

Now that your system is in place, it is time to redo the math to see how you are doing. Are your photovoltaic panels providing an adequate amount of power to your home? Has your energy usage changed at all? And perhaps most importantly, just how drastically has your energy bill decreased?

Everyone loves saving money – and lots of it – of course, so comparing you’re before and after power bills is good for the soul. There is a more important reason to carefully examine your energy usage and cost right after you install your sun-powered energy system.

Keeping a close eye on these factors ensures that the system you have is adequate for you and that you are getting the maximum benefit from having solar paneling in your home. If you find there is room for improvement, now is the time to consider an upgrade.

Changing Energy Needs: Adding on to Your System

Add more Solar Panels

Even with the most careful planning possible, you never really know if you are putting in the right size PV panel system until you actually start to use it.

Maybe you are still relying on “the grid” a little more than you would have liked. Maybe you did not take into consideration that your growing family will have growing energy needs, and you are already operating at max output for your system size.

For cash flow reasons, you can always add more solar panels over time as your budget allows, but if you see a need to upgrade and can do it right after your initial installation, go for it.

Not only will you get the maximum benefits right away, but many companies offer reduced pricing for larger purchases. Your installer may extend the discount to you if you upgrade shortly after installation.

Spread the Word: Brag about Your System

Now it’s time for the fun part! Chances are, you installed a solar-powered energy system in your home to save money and to do your part for the environment. Now you can convince others to do the same.

Brag a little bit about the huge drop in energy costs that you are experiencing. Remind people how good it feels to make a smart decision for the planet.

Let people know how painless the transition to sun-powered energy has been. Bringing in new converts to the solar power movement is good for everyone.

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