Why Won't My Solar Landscape Lights Work
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Why Won’t My Solar Landscape Lights Work

This happens so often that you think that your solar landscaping light is still working, just to find that it’s dead. No light at all. Now, you are wondering what can be the matter with the light.

Why Won't My Solar Landscape Lights Work

Why won’t the light work correctly and what can you do about it. With this guide, you will get to learn about the four most common solar landscape light problems on why they aren’t working anymore.

Why Won’t My Solar Landscape Lights Work?

Damaged Solar Panels

Solar panels are delicate and can get damaged so easily. Something falling onto them or lightning that might strike close to them can really damage them. It can damage them in such a way that it won’t ever work again.

Even scratches and cracks on the panel can cause the solar panel not to work correctly. You need to look closely at the panel, clean it, and make sure that there isn’t any damage on. If there is damage on, then you need to replace the panel.

Changing the Rechargeable Batteries

Did you know that even if you are using solar panel lights, there will still be rechargeable batteries in? This is the only way that the device will work.

The solar is recharging the batteries. And, these batteries can get damaged or is done working. Then, you should replace it with other, high-quality rechargeable batteries.

This is something that many people forget. That the problem with the landscaping solar lights can lie with the batteries inside the light as well. The older the light, the more likely that this might be your problem.

Solar Panels not Getting enough Sunlight

Solar Panels not Getting enough Sunlight

When you installed the solar panels, there might have been enough light. But now, the trees and plants around the light have grown and might take away the sun from the solar panel. Meaning that now you need to trim the plants to get more sunlight on the panel, or you need to move the light to a sunnier location.

This is a problem for most. To move the light again so that it can get more sunlight. Or to trim the bush that you have grown so hard on. And, just so that your landscaping light can work again. Sometimes it is just possible to move the solar panel and not the whole light.

The Light Itself Might be Broken

The last thing that you should look at, is the light itself. The light itself might be broken. Even landscaping lights can break and needs replacements. The older the light, the more likely the problem will be the light. Any light has just a certain amount of time that it can work correctly. Then, it will start to fail, until it breaks completely.

If you have checked everything else, and you can’t find the problem, then you should consider replacing the light or the whole solar landscaping light. It just might be time for a replacement. And, remember that the cheaper the solar light, the shorter their lifespan is. So, next time you should consider purchasing a more expensive light that will last a lot longer before you need to replace it.

There are so many great things about solar landscape lights. But, the moment that they break or not working anymore it can become frustrating. You don’t know where to start looking and what to replace.

With this guide, you will know where to start repairing your light. And, nothing else works, you might want to consider replacing the light. You need to remember that with anything electrical something like a wire could be loose, or the light bulb might have blown.

There are really a lot of different problems that can be the reason for the light not working. Start testing everything one by one and see where the problem lies. Then repairing it won’t be as hard as what you might have thought.

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